Call Ducks for Sale

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Call Ducks for Sale

Call ducks for sale are miniature or bantam ducks that make a very loud quack. ¬†While this was originally created to be a duck call for hunting (hence the term “call duck”), they are now most commonly found as pet ducks or show ducks.

How much do baby call ducklings cost?

When ordered as day old ducklings, baby calls will generally cost anywhere from about $8-$20 each. Sexing call ducks (determine the gender as a duckling, to sell them as a specific number of pullets or drakes), is generally not possible. This is because the birds hatch out too small for accurate sexing in commercial sales.

How much do juvenile or adult call ducks cost?

If you want to order call ducks as juveniles or adults, this is hard to find. A breeder that does offer this will generally sell the birds as a male / female pair, and this will cost anywhere from about $50 – $100, depending on the show quality call duck characteristics.