Silkie Bantams

Silkie Chickens for Sale

Silkie chickens for sale are an amazing and popular backyard pet chicken breed.  Their unmistakable fluffy feathers come in a variety of colors.  They’re easily the most popular chicken breed that is not meant for egg / meat production (you won’t get many eggs with them, so don’t expect them to feed your family!).

The silkies come in a variety of colors.  However, the most common colors that vendors will list on the eFowl marketplace are the white, black, blue, buff, and splash.  There is also a variation of the silkies called the frizzle, which has a frizzed out looked, rather than the normal fluffy look.

Silkie chickens for sale from the variety of eFowl vendors gives you easy access to silkie chicks near you!  This is a super fun fancy breed.  If you want to impress anyone that can be impressed by backyard chickens, silkies are a must!

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