Fancy Chickens

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Fancy Chickens

Fancy chickens are breeds that have unique, exotic, or ornamental features like feathered legs, long tails, or crests.  Fancy chicken breeds such as the silkies and polish are generally raised as pet chickens or show birds.  They are not well suited for egg production or meat production.

Is the GIANT chicken in that YouTube video real?

Yes, it is a real chicken breed called a Light Brahma. The recent viral video of the giant chicken was absolutely incredible. While light brahma chicks for sale that you buy from hatcheries probably won’t get that giant, they are a big heavy breed.  They actually work great as a backyard breed for their eggs and meat.  They are considered a fancy breed because of their feathered legs.

How much do Silkie Chickens cost?

Silkie chickens are extremely popular backyard chicken breed because of their unique, puffy appearance.  They have feathered legs and crests that make they fun and exciting.  Generally, they will cost about $4-$8 per chick.  However, they are a small bantam breed (miniature chicken), that is difficult to ship in small numbers.  Silkie farms and hatcheries may have minimums of 15 or even 25 chicks for bantam orders.