Chicken Coop Designs and Plans

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Chicken Coop Designs and Plans

Chicken coop plans for sale are a great way to get a top quality chicken house in a fun an engaging project. If you have the square feet in your backyard, and some simple supplies like chicken wire, wood, and hardware (Home Depot should have everything you need), then all you need is a simple chicken coop design.

Where can I find free chicken coop plans?

Most of the designers want to get paid for their chicken coops plans, so it is tough to find decent quality free chicken coop ideas. However, Amazon has a lot of plans that are delivered via ebook (or PDF) which are low cost (and sometimes free).

How hard is it to build a chicken coop?

The difficulty will vary, but most coop plans are upfront about how much the materials cost, the time involved, and the tools you need. This will give you an idea of the overall difficulty. If you built a swing set in your backyard using solid instructions, you should be able to DIY a chicken coop.