Chicken Coops for Sale

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Chicken Coops for Sale

Chicken coops for sale on eFowl come from a variety of brands and manufacturers. You can buy coops directly from awesome suppliers, check out the Tractor Supply chicken coops.,  Also, most major chicken coop brands sell their products on Amazon.

How much does it cost to house chickens?

Chickens coops range widely cost – from about $150 – $2,000 . These backyard palaces for your birds will vary based on their size, the quality of the materials, and how the manufacturer or distributor ships it. You can find a huge variety of less expensive coops that the vendor will ship in IKEA style flat packs.

You need some basic assembly tools for the low-cost chicken coops (normally just wrenches and screwdrivers).  Normally, these chicken hutches will range from about 2 – 8 chickens, and cost from about $150 – $600.  Manufacturers may use lower quality wood.  However, you do the job of housing your chickens at a reasonable cost.  Brands that offer these cheaper types of chicken coops include Advantek, Merry Products, New Age Pet, Precision Pet, and Trixie.

How much is a high-quality backyard chicken coop?

If you want a backyard chicken tractor (another way of describing a coop) made of better wood that is going to last, look for something American made at a price point of about $500 – $2,000.  It is REALLY important to pay attention to the coop’s country of origin.  Coops made in China are generally going to be a lower quality and may not last you long.  You will be able to house your chickens on a wide range of budgets.

What if I were to just build my own chicken coop?

Learning how to build a chicken hutch or hen house is actually a great idea. There are lots of chicken coop plans available online (both free and paid). Generally, you are going to save money as you can buy the materials (wood, hardware, etc.) for about $200 – $800 depending on the size.  Also, your location affects your localized pricing for materials.  Here are some coop plans that will house three hens with about a $300 materials cost. Furthermore, you will be able to build a concept that is customized to your property, and your flock. Finally, when something breaks or maintenance is required, it will be much easier to repair if you had a hand in building the chicken coop.