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Now Can Walk Your Chickens With This Harness and Bowtie!

It doesn’t matter why the chicken crossed the road. What matters is that the chicken crossed the road safely, and in style with their harness!

Everyone is talking about these funky harnesses for chickens developed by Yesito. They may look a bit ridiculous but they’re definitely fun and safe!

Can you really walk chickens?

Chicken harness

Not all chickens are the same, however a lot of the more intelligent breeds, like the Wyandottes are famous for their training capabilities. And that doesn’t mean you just have to use the leash with these chickens. Pretty much any chicken that’s social enough and goes after you for food can be trained to walk on a leash.

Breeds like the Silkies and the White Japanese Bantams were famously trained and used in sitcoms like “Friends”. We bet Joey would’ve love to have these.

Your chickens are definitely getting attention from your friends. Wouldn’t you love walking your fuzzy Silkie or your giant Brahma? You can even walk your ducks with these! These harnesses, completed with a little bow tie are surprisingly safe and reliable.

The harness is easy to adjust so your chicken can be comfortable no matter what. The fabric is resilient, breathable nylon. It has reinforced stitching and strong buckles. Plus did we mention the ridiculously cute bow tie already?

This is what some buyers had to say:

I have a favorite hen that I can’t resist holding because she’s so fluffy and soft and now I’m able to take her for a walk. It took less than a minute for her to get use to it. Lol I let her take the lead while she investigated around my yard. Happy chickens lay happy eggs.

I never laughed so hard watching my daughter walk a chicken!

If you have chickens you can go check out the harness right here. If you don’t have chickens, check out our top friendliest chickens right here!

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