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Luxury chickens: everything you need to know

Black copper eggs, heritage breeds and $20,000 coops are all part of the same world: Luxury chickens. This new trend was born in Silicon Valley where people like Scott Vanderlip started running a free, self-guided bycicle tour of chicken coops in the area for hobbyist and fans. His organization, called Tour de Coop is made to connect with other coops and be inspired by them. Each year their tour group grows bigger and bigger, starting with 11 coops all the way to 250 now and 1,500 registered tourists!

It’s been such an explosion that CBS did a piece on luxury chickens. Check it out here:

But, why? Well a lot of people that work in high-stress technology jobs find in chicken coops a way to disconnect. They see it as a way to live back in simpler times– even if it’s just for a while. Taking care of animals has always been considered therapeutic, and these pampered chickens can live for over a decade! But there’s another reason why rich people are starting to love luxury chickens.

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Luxury chickens as a status symbol

luxury chickens are everywhere...

Thrifty people raise chickens as a great way to get cheap eggs. Luxury chickens however? Well, we can say that they’re raised for almost the exact opposite. Chicken coops are made with high-tech and luxury design in mind. A luxury chicken coop can cost up to $20,000. They are equipped with “predator motion detectors” that scans the surrounding areas and warn their owners of potential dangers. The coops have luxury finishes such as designer windows and plumbed water and constructed with high-end, ethically produced materials.

And, what about the chickens that live in them? Well some of them are from heritage breeds (breeds that can be traced by several generations) can be worth a surprising $350! However those aren’t the only ones they love. Beginners may start with some traditional breeds, such as a Leghorn or a beautiful Rhode Island Red. They are easy to care for and good egg producers. Once they learn more however, the jump to more unique breeds is only natural. Some breeds like the Easter Egger Chicken are highly sought out for their multi-colored eggs. The Silkies are also another popular chicken. How could they not when they look so exotic!

We’ve mentioned some of the surprising benefits of getting your own chickens before. Imagine giving someone a few eggs from a non-industrial chicken, selected for their mild temper and lineage that gives multi-colored eggs! By having a chicken coop people are also showing that they’re conscious about the environment, they enjoy organic food and they can afford to give a luxury life not just to themselves but to their precious chickens.

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Chickens, not just a luxury item

In this industrial and technological world we live in, people are starting to realize that earthy, tactile hobbies are the best antidote to stress. We at eFowl believe that chickens can be for everybody, regardless of how much money you have! Raising chickens is easy than you might think. Here’s how to start.

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