ducks from valentine's day movie

In the Movie Valentine’s Day the Real Stars are the Ducklings

The Valentine’s Day movie is packed full of celebrities which cater to all demographics and tastes. From Patrick Dempsey and Jessica Alba, to Julia Roberts and Jamie Foxx. However, the real stars of the movie are the little ducklings which make perhaps the most picturesque shot in the movie.

valentines day

While Valentine’s Day was packed full of big Hollywood stars, the ducklings were the ones to steal the show.

As the movie draws to a close and the topsy turvy convolutions of characters and subplots are being resolved, we see the lovable floralist (played by Ashton Kutcher) tossing the unsold flower petals into a stream from a bridge.  He is reflecting on the transpirations of the day, when he sees 4 little ducklings swim through the petals on the water.  While the ducklings’ moment in the Hollywood spotlight is brief, they definitely steal the show with their cuteness.

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Where did the producers of this film obtain the ducklings they sought after to convey the film’s emotions?  They purchased their birds from – the web’s leader in ducks and chickens for sale.  The breeds of the birds which swam by were 2 Pekins and 2 Rouens.  These are both domesticated breeds, and what domestic ducklings would be doing in an LA creek on their own in the middle of the night is perhaps a detail left best unquestioned.  From the size of the birds, they look to be about 3-4 weeks old when the filming took place. frequently supplies animal training companies with animal actors for everything from major Hollywood movies to local commercials.

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