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The Pecking Order: Everything You Need To Know

The Pecking Order: Everything You Need To Know

We’ve all heard the term “pecking order” usually applied to competitive environments such as the workplace or even society. As such we tend to have an idea of what that means with humans. But what about your chickens? The pecking order is the most basic form of hierarchy in your flock. In there, the earliest […]

How To Keep Chickens Cool This Summer

How To Keep Chickens Cool This Summer

With the summers getting hotter and hotter every year, the heat can be dangerous to your birds since they haven’t been bred to endure such high temperatures. You can of course get heat-hardy chickens but if you have chickens that endure the cold well, you’ll need to take extra precaution. So how can you keep […]

How To Introduce New Chickens To The Flock

How To Introduce New Chickens To The Flock

We all love introducing new chickens to our flock. There’s nothing more exciting in the backyard chicken world than adding that Silkie you’ve always wanted or an amazing Rhode Island Red or Australorp for egg laying. However integrating them to the flock can be a huge hassle. Even experienced backyard chicken enthusiasts may get nervous […]

How To Keep Chickens From Fighting

How To Keep Chickens From Fighting

One of the most frustrating things when having a flock is to see one of your chickens being picked on. The added stress not only affects their mood but it affects their egg production and can lead to other diseases. That’s why it’s very important to make sure that your chickens aren’t fighting and are […]

Best 5 Chicken Breeds For Small Spaces

Not all of us have giant yards so our chickens can enjoy lots of space to run around. Does that mean we can’t have our very own backyard chickens? Not at all! These chickens would love to be your very own small backyard chickens! Silkies We love Silkies. Their fluffy plumage, their gentle disposition… they […]

Where To Get Cheap Chickens

How To Get Cheap Chickens

It’s about to be spring and, if you’re a backyard chicken fan that means it’s the perfect time to get new chickens! But, what if you can’t really afford to get all the chickens you want? Here are the best way to get cheap chickens and get the best bang or your buck! Mate your […]

What You Should NEVER Feed Your Chickens

What You Should NEVER Feed To Your Chickens

Having chickens isn’t just a great way to get delicious, ethically produced organic eggs, it also gives you a great way to dispose most of your leftovers. Chickens will gladly eat things you would simply throw away like that rice you couldn’t finish or those stems you don’t like in your salad. However you should […]

21 Fun Chicken Facts You Probably Didn’t Know!

21 Fun Chicken Facts You Probably Didn't Know!

Whether or not you have backyard chickens these fun chicken facts will definitely amaze you! There are more chickens than people in the world. There are in fact 3 chickens per every man, woman and child. That’s over 25 billion chickens, more than any other bird in the world! Chickens can recognize over 100 faces, […]

Should You Force A Molt?

Should you force a molt

Your chickens start their natural molt around autumn. It’s a very beneficial stage for them where they stop laying eggs, shed their feathers and get ready for the cold. Once they’re ready, they will continue laying eggs. But what if, during the year they’re not laying as many eggs as normal? Should you force a […]

How (And When) To Mate Your Chickens

how and when to mate chickens

Whether you want to sell some chicks or simply have a sustainable flock, you need to know how to mate chickens. Helping with the process can not only be rewarding to you; it can be highly interesting and educational to your kids too! They’ll quickly go from seeing chickens mate to seeing cute little chicks […]

Top 10 Backyard Chicken Predators – Protect Your Flock!

top 10 backyard chicken predators

Whether your chickens are free-range or not, backyard chicken predators are a big danger to your flock. They can come from the air, from the ground, even underground! And once a backyard chicken predator finds your flock, it won’t stop. They’ll keep coming back until you get rid of them. Here are the top most […]

4 Ways to Keep Chickens Warm This Winter

Winter can be a difficult time of year for both chickens and their flock keepers. What with frozen water, billowing wind and snow; it can really be a miserable time. Perhaps one of the most difficult things during winter is the warm; or lack of it! So in today‚Äôs article we are going to focus […]