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Famous Chickens On TV And Movies

Chickens have been a part of humanity for millennia, and are of course part of our pop culture. To make sure we checked all the information available on them and compared the size, color and feather patterns of these famous chickens with the ones of their alleged breed.

If you want to get a famous chicken, just click on their breeds below. The best part? You’ll already know how to name them!

Cornelius Rooster – Welsummer

cornelius rooster

Since 1957 Cornelius has been one of the very first depictions of chickens kids get to see. It’s not hard to see why they chose a Welsummer to represent their brand. Welsummers tend to be calm, smart and friendly, even with roosters!

They’re also fairly good egg layers of unique eggs, making them a favorite among backyard chickens.

Foghorn Leghorn – Leghorn (?)


One of the most famous and beloved chickens is definitely Foghorn Leghorn, who is… well, not a Leghorn. I mean look at him! With a white body and brown tail and neck, his appearance doesn’t match the Leghorn’s. In fact, it doesn’t fit any breed we’ve seen.

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But his name is “Foghorn Leghorn” so I guess he wins on a technicality. We’re not happy about it either.

Heihei from “Moana” – Wild Bantam Rooster from Kauai


Identifying him was very easy because, although there isn’t a lot of official information on the type of chicken Heihei is (because who else but us would ask?), it only took a bit of digging to find out the breed he’s based on.

“Moana” takes place in the islands of Polynesia. Knowing this it’s very easy to see why they chose a rooster as the animal sidekick. You see, Kauai is one of those islands and that island is famously populated by many wild chickens. Their vibrant colors make them one of Kauai’s attractions since everyone wants to take a photo of them. However, they’re famously inedible and therefore hard to get outside of Kauai.

If you want a similar chicken with those vibrant colors but with better genes to reproduce, an Old English Game seems to be the best fit.

Chicken Boo from “Animaniacs” – White Faced Black Spanish

Anyone that watched cartoons during the 90’s will remember the adventures of this giant chicken that always got the weirdest jobs despite, well, being a chicken.

His main features include a white face and body and brown neck and tail. Although there isn’t any breed that looks exactly like that, the closest fit would be a White Faced Black Spanish. Similar in complexion and with a white face they really resemble Chicken Boo’s fictional breed. Although getting a black Spanish that big may be a bit of a challenge.

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The Chicken From Friends – White Japanese Bantam

The most famous sitcom in the world also had a chicken. A chicken and a duck to be precise. Joey originally adopts the chick on a whim and by the end of the episode him and Chandler end up also adopting the duck to keep them both from being euthanized.

The chick from the first episode is just a random chick, very hard to identify. He is then portrayed by a Silkie to end up being a White Japanese Bantam. The chick and the duck disappeared by the sixth season and in the final episode it’s revealed that they died out of old age a while ago and the gang lied to Joey to protect his feelings, which is weird, given than Japanese Bantams can live for up to 13 years.

Fun fact: Although the chicken and the duck are supposed to be the same age, the chicken used for the show was in fact 5 years younger than the duck.

Ginger From “Chicken Run” – Welsummer

Famous chicken ginger is a welsummer

This movie was so popular that 18 years later they finally announced a sequel and people are loving it. At first Ginger may look like another combination of chickens from no particular breed, maybe inspired in an ISA Brown or a Rhode Island Red. However upon closer examination it becomes clear that Ginger, just like Cornelius, is a Welsummer.

The feathers that aren’t part of her orange body have the same pattern as the feathers of a Welsummer, with darker feathers on the tail. The attention to detail on these designs is definitely one of the reasons why that movie is so popular.

Which one is your favorite famous chicken breed? Do you own one of these? Let us know below!


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