Do Ducks Get Along With Other Pets

Do Ducks Get Along With Other Pets?

Do ducks get along with other pets?  To put it briefly…not really.

do ducks get alongWhile there are countless people who do in fact keep a myriad of pets together, including ducks, the potential for catastrophe always remains and should be respected at all times.

Most dogs and cats, and many other wild animals, instinctively view ducks as a food source.  In most cases, we do not recommend that you have both dogs/cats and pet ducks unless you are prepared to take the utmost care to ensure their harmony.

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Many breeds of domestic duck lack the ability to fly.  Thus, they do not have their primary defense mechanism available to them when they feel threatened.  Furthermore, most pet ducks you will raise have been bred to be farm fowl (meat ducks, egg layers, etc.).

Also, ducklings must be protected from other ducks in many instances, specifically from males.  If you’re breeding ducks, do not isolate ducklings from their mothers, but be vigilant around the older male ducks, including their father.

Here are a few pointers if you are ready to travel down the road of duck and dog/cat coexistance –

  • Always be vigilant around the animals.  A careful and active owner is the key to success in all aspects of pet duck ownership.
  • Never simply allow your dogs and ducks to roam freely together, as animal instincts can surface at anytime resulting in serious injury or death.
  • If you feel confident that you can directly introduce you duck to a cat or dog, hold the duck in your hands and be prepared to defend your animals and yourself at all times.
  • Keep ducklings in a cage or fully enclosed box which will prevent access to any would be predators.
  • Never assume your dog/cat and ducks are trained and conditioned to live in harmony, predatorial instincts may surface at any moment.

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If anyone else has any tips to share on this topic, please do.  I am asked about ducks and other pets quite frequently, and I’m interested to hear what others are doing in regards to this endeavor.  Thanks!


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