Duck at the ESPYs

Did You See the Duck at the ESPYs?

Did you see the pekin duck at the ESPYs?  Former Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning hosted the ESPYs last night (ESPN’s award show). Ever true to his borderline excessive commercial nature, Peyton described how he plays in the insurance game now, and Nationwide is his team.

Peyton then called out a few other insurance players in the audience, including Green Bay Packers’ QB Aaron Rodgers of State Farm’s “Discount Double Check” fame, and then of course mentioned the Aflac Duck.  The best part was that there was an actual pekin duck, elegantly dressed, calmly sitting in the audience.

The whole thing was pretty funny if you are into sports. You can watch Peyton’s whole monologue here. The Aflac Duck makes an appearance around 7 minutes in –

Aflac’s marketing campaign with the white pekin duck as withstood the test of time. It goes down as one of the greatest and most recognizable uses of waterfowl as a corporate mascot in marketing history. When this campaign was first being conceived, the white ducks used as the model were pekins from Metzer Farms in California – an eFowl partner.

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