Chicken Coop Checklist

The Chicken Coop Checklist

8 Important Steps in Preparing Your Chicken Coop

“Most people who keep backyard chickens do so because they want access to fresh eggs and a fun hobby. But I fear that a lot of would-be chicken keepers are put off and intimidated by the vast amount of information that there is for beginners to absorb. Well, that’s how I felt!

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I knew that I wanted to build my own coop; I’ve always enjoyed DIY projects. But that certainly doesn’t mean I’m very good at them! When I started looking for advice and guides on building my coop I was overwhelmed by all the different poultry lingo and recommendations that experts were giving. That’s why I created this info graphic, to try and simplify the process a little bit and to show newcomers that a basic coop only needs a handful of features. You can add the bells and whistles later!”

-Jack S. ,

chicken coophere to see the full blog on building your own chicken coop.

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