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The 5 Best Breeds For Free Range

The 5 Best Breeds For Free Range

Free-ranging your chickens is great. They’ll get to exercise and experience life the most natural way possible. However not every breed is great for free-range. Most breeds are developed exclusively for their confinement tolerance in order to have the most amount of chickens possible in the least amount of space. Then there are predators. Although […]

5 Rare Chickens Breeds You Can Buy Today

Keeping backyard chickens doesn’t just have to be about the delicious eggs. You can actually get involved on the conservation of rare chicken breeds! Some of these breeds are heritage breeds, some of them are plain rare breeds with unique history. Click on their names to check out where to get these unique rare breeds! […]

Silkies: 5 Reasons To Love Them

Silkies: 5 Reasons To Love Them

Silkies are often described as the “chicken lap dog”. They’re small, incredibly friendly and, although they aren’t the best egg layers, Silkies will raise their chicks for them! Here’s why we love the Silkie breed and why you should love them to: The Friendliest Chicken The first question everyone has when seeing a Silkie is […]

The 4 Best Broody Chicken Breeds

best broody chicken breeds

The best way to have a sustainable flock is to get your chickens to make more chickens! And the best way to achieve that is by getting the broodiest chicken breeds to act out as moms. These broody chickens will make excellent regular moms, sitting on eggs and raising chicks, even if they aren’t theirs! […]

The 4 Best Chicken Breeds For Hot Weathers

Like a lot of us, most chickens prefer cold weather to hot weather. So much so that the wrong chicken for the heat will stop laying altogether and may even have a hard time surviving the summer! With summers getting hotter and hotter in some farming areas of the US, getting the proper chicken breed […]

The Top 4 Pet Chicken Breeds

The Top 4 Pet Chicken Breeds

Pet Chicken Craze Raising chickens and ducks is becoming an increasingly popular hobby in the United States.  However, many people who want to start having their own pet chicken or flock have no idea where to start in choosing their breed. Breeding chickens has been a pursuit of lots of devoted farmers and bird enthusiasts […]

Olive Egger: The Chicken That Lays Green Eggs

Olive Egger The Chicken That Lays Green Eggs

You’ve seen white eggs. You’ve seen brown eggs. But if you want to add some color to your organic eggs at the farmers market or simply to your egg basket, there’s no more unique way than with green eggs! The Olive Egger is a type of Easter Egger that, unlike the latter, will always lay […]

5 Chickens That Lay Unique Colored Eggs (That Aren’t Easter Eggers!)

5 chickens that lay unique eggs

When you picture eggs, what color are they? White? If you do, you’re not the only one. White eggs are common everywhere but that doesn’t mean they should be common in your coop! Specially if you’re planning on selling them. If you want to get more for your eggs, nothing says “fresh 100% organic eggs” […]

Top 7 Fancy Ornamental Chickens

Top 7 fancy chicken breeds

Whether you want to start with some more fancy chickens or simply add some color to your flock, you need to know about ornamental chickens. Ornamental chickens, or show chicken breeds, are the chickens that are raised not because of their meat or egg production but because of their fancy appearance. They’re typically more high-maintenance […]

What Chicken Breed Lays The Largest Eggs?

What chicken breed lays the largest eggs?

If you’re raising chickens for eggs not only do you want them to lay eggs as often as possible but you want them to lay the largest eggs you can get. If you want to help your chickens lay larger eggs you can by making sure they’re healthy, happy, have proper access to clean water […]

The 5 Friendliest Chickens Breeds (Great For Kids!)

Friendliest Chicken Breeds For Kids

There are very few pets that can teach as much to kids as chickens. Not only can you use them to teach them how to be responsible and care for animals, they can also help you teach your kids about self-sustainability, where and how food comes from, even animal reproduction! Plus kids get excited to […]