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Fast Chicken Shipments with Cackle Hatchery’s new Availability System!

Cackle Hatchery in Lebanon, MO has long been known to be experts at carefully packing and shipping purebred poultry. Their generations-old family business takes the utmost care in maintaining high-quality flocks while hatching and shipping with an acumen than only decades of experience can provide. However, this level of quality can come with long wait times. Now you can use Cackle Hatchery’s new availability system to book your orders for super-fast shipment!

This nearly decades-old business has been a little bit lacking on some of the more modern ecommerce ordering features…until now. They have invested heavily in a customized ordering system that communicates Cackle Hatchery’s availability in real-time and automatically schedules your order to hatch and ship as soon as possible. We have been working with Cackle to lend our expertise with technology to create a more modern ordering and inventory system that ultimately makes your customer experience easier!

Chickens are not known to be on the cutting edge of technology – but they’re coming along quickly!

Where there were once long wait times sometimes extending into the weeks or months, now orders can hatch and ship in a matter of days (or even same day shipments on some occasions). While website does not have many visible changes since years past (yet), there are some key availability functionalities that allow you to find out what will ship fast, and automatically get your order scheduled as soon as possible.

How to place an order using Cackle Hatchery’s new Availability system

  1. Use a desktop browser to navigate to . While you certainly can use your phone to browse the website, it is a lot easier to use the desktop version of the site.
  2. Almost every breed page has an availability chart on the Availability chart. Many of the most popular breeds, like the Buff Orpington Chicken, are usually available quickly, while some of the rarer breeds like the Naragansset Turkey get booked out far in advance.
  3. Add the breeds you want into your shopping cart. If you want to get the fastest shipping date possible, ensure they are all available in the next week or so. Cackle’s scheduling system will automatically schedule your order for the first date that all the breeds on your order are all available together (they can’t split your order), so don’t put any breeds with long wait times in your cart. Sometimes, it is smart to place to separate orders if you do not want your whole order to be delayed.
  4. You can confirm when the order will be scheduled to hatch and ship by checking out the Cackle Hatchery Availability Chart. This shows the availability for all breeds. You can filter this table to see only the breeds you are going to order and determine when the order is available. Filter the table using the “Search By Breed Name” box (or use the product code box if you’re a numbers person).
    Cackle Hatchery Availability Chart
  5. By finding the first date where all the boxes are green (with the number 2 inside), you can see that this test order for the Rhode Island Reds, Buff Orpingtons, and Easter Eggers would schedule for March 9th. Note this is just an estimate, availability changes quickly. Your shipping date isn’t actually confirmed until after you place your order.
    Cackle Availability Table
  6. If you do not want your order to book for the soonest available date, that is no problem. You can specify a Delay Date when you are checking out. Simply specify the date you want the order to ship on, and it will be automatically booked for that date (or as closely after as possible). The delay date field is one of the last fields you complete when checking out (it is after you put in your credit card, but before you click “Place Order”).
    Cackle Hatchery Delay Date
  7. After you place your order, you should get an email in a few minutes confirming your shipping date!

There you have it! Getting your spring chicken order in a timely manner used to be a big pain. However, now you can automatically book Cackle Hatchery’s hatches from their website – just be sure to check the availability chart!

Let us know how it goes for you in the comments. Also, stay tuned for exciting updates on new features and functionalities from your favorite hatchery!


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