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Best Amazon Prime Deals For Your Chicken Flock!

Prime Day is finally here! We scouted the website and got you the absolute best and coolest deals for your backyard chickens. We bet you’ll definitely find something here for you!

Egg Collecting Apron

We loved this apron! It’s incredibly useful to have when collecting eggs from the coop. We know how frustrating it is to try and collect eggs only to realize you grabbed one too many and lose traction of them for one to fall to the ground. Plus you have to clean it up immediately before chickens realize how tasty they are!

With 12 individual pockets, you can easily collect the eggs and keep cleaning, feeding and caring for your chickens without missing a beat! The best part? You can get one for your kids too!

Check it out here.

A Safe Coop Heater

We love this chicken coop heater. Heating lamps are a fire hazard and can cause burns to your chickens. Now that it’s summer and Prime Day it’s a great time to upgrade your heater!

It’s an incredibly safe heater with a built-in thermostat and very energy efficient.

Get one right now!

Great Chicken-Themed Decor!

Want a funny and stylish way to let people know why you love your backyard chickens? This retro design is made of durable steel (not flimsy aluminum) with holes at the corners for easy hanging.

Hand-made in America, this affordable sign is just what your home needed!

Check it out.

A Tasty Chicken Treat For A Deal!

We’ve talked about mealworms and how great they are for backyard chickens and poultry in general before. That’s why whenever we see a deal like this one we tend to grab ourselves a few bags.

These mealworms aren’t just practically pure protein, they’re also completely natural with no fillers or preservatives added. They’re raised on a vegetable-based diet to reach a premium-level mealworm and come in a resealable bag to preserve their crispiness! Your chickens will love you for getting them.

Get them right now.

An Automated Egg Incubator

There’s no better way to get a sustainable flock than learning how to hatch your own birds.

This egg incubator is one of the most complete and affordable options we’ve seen. With automatic egg turning, high-quality materials and even an LED to check up on your eggs, it’s got everything you need to start hatching! It records the days you’ve been incubating and the sensors and controls are fairly easy to use. Plus it comes with discounts when purchasing more items!

Go get it from Amazon!

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