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Best 5 Ducks For Eggs

Duck eggs are usually rarer and more expensive than chicken eggs, leaving some to believe that ducks lay very few eggs. These breeds however will lay the same or even more eggs than some chicken breeds!

We not only looked at good egg layers, we also made sure they’re great pets for you and your family. Check them out!

Silver Appleyard

The Silver Appleyard is a perfect breed for those looking for a duck that’s pretty good in everything. They’re great for meat, good egg layers and even great for showing! Some females are even great for hatching duck eggs.

This beautiful British breed tends to be calm and friendly, perfect if you’re looking for a great pet duck. They’re also very easy to maintain, making them perfect for any beginner! All they need is a kiddie pool and a garden spacious enough to walk around. They’re good foragers and will happily get rid of any pest for you.

Egg production: 250 white eggs per year

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Do you want the largest eggs on the block? Although not the most prolific egg layer, Pekins sure know how to lay an egg, laying the largest eggs out of any breed.

The Pekin duck is probably the breed you think of when you think of a duck: a gorgeous large white duck. They’re very sociable and get along well with most breeds. They’re also poor flyers and quieter than most breeds.

Although they don’t lay lots of eggs, they lay larger eggs than average. They also don’t get broody often so they’re reliable egg layers. You’ll also love them as pets! They’re friendly, and not that hard to train. If you’re looking for a hardy bird, Pekins are also great for that, enduring both hot and cold weathers quite well.

Egg production: 180 white eggs per year

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Runners are sought for their incredible blue eggs, of which they lay quite a few! They’re not the friendliest breed towards humans, being kind of skittish sometimes, although they’re not an aggressive breed. However they’re not very noisy and they interact quite well with other breeds.

These lightweight ducks are great foragers, requiring at least a medium-sized garden to run around and a little, shallow pool. Although they’re not very broody, Runner hens can be excellent mothers, even if they didn’t sit on the eggs!

Egg production: 300 blue eggs per year

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Magpies have a very distinct look with their black cap on their heads. Like the Runners, they also have an upright carriage, leaving some to believe they’re related. They’re great for show, eggs and meat.

Like most ducks on this list, Magpies make great pets, being very friendly and good with kids. They’re not great flyers but will try to fly if they’re spooked. They are usually not too noisy and are great foragers, actively looking to get rid of any garden pests you might have. That’s why they need a larger space and a shallow kiddie pool or pond.

Egg production: 290 eggs per year

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Khaki Campbell

The king of laying eggs, Khaki Campbells lay almost an egg a day! They can be temperamental but these prolific layers are incredibly hardy and resilient.

They’re also great mothers, becoming broody and being great foster moms, being an obvious choice for anyone looking to naturally increase their amount of ducks. Campbells are very active and can fly well so clipping their wings is usually advisable.

A very active forager, Cambpells definitely need enough room to stretch their legs and explore around.

Egg production: 340 eggs per year

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How many eggs do your ducks lay? Let us know below!


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