these are great treats for your chickens

The 5 Best Chicken Treats

You can feed your chicken with almost everything! However if you’re like us you also want to give your chickens a little treat every now and then. Some occasional treats will keep your chickens happy to keep laying eggs for you! Plus hand feeding them treats will make them tame and help you to establish a stronger bond with them. Th best backyard chicken treats should be both tasty and nutritious! Here are our top ten:


berries as a treat for chickens

Berries are a great and tasty treat for chickens! They’re packed with vitamins and they’re also a good source of beta-carotene. Don’t pay attention to those forums saying that berries can be a toxic treat for your chickens. What’s toxic is the pesticides they may have. To avoid them wash the berries before you feed them to your chickens or even better, plant them along their run! That will keep them active and happy with a natural source of their favorite treat.

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dandelions are a great treat for chickens

Although in a lot of places they’re considered a weed, this colorful plant is a great treat for your chickens. They’re packed with Vitamin A, potassium, calcium and iron and they can eat as much as they want! They’re incredibly easy to grow for your chickens to find. You can also pick them up yourself and hand feed them this delicious treat! Just keep in mind that they usually like better the tender leaves and flowers.


oats as a delicious treat for chickens

Oatmeal is a great chicken treat with vitamins, protein and antioxidants for your flock. Raw oats can help with pasty butt in baby chickens and warm oatmeal is a great treat for your flock during the winter! You can season it with cayenne pepper and cinnamon for extra benefits. It’s easy to mix with other treats and their regular feed to make it extra delicious!

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yogurt as a treat for hens

Just like in humans, yogurt is great for chickens’ digestive system. If you have never given them yogurt you’ll be amazed of how much your chickens will enjoy it!

However make sure to keep this only as a treat. Chickens aren’t well equipped to digest milk’s sugars. Large or constant amounts of yogurt will have the opposite effect in their tummies. Also make sure you get plain yogurt with no additives, such as sugar or fruit. For an extra delicious treat mix it with oatmeal or give it to them cold in hot summer days!


mealworms are a great treat for your chickens

The best chicken treat for protein, mealworms is one of the favorite things for a chicken to eat! They’re a surprising 50% protein which will help your chickens to have beautiful feathers during moulting season to keep them warm in winter. A protein-packed meal will also help them lay eggs. Remember, eggs are almost all protein! Having mealworms as a treat will help your chickens reach their protein intake which can improve their eggs’ size and flavor. However make sure you don’t feed them and entire meal worth of mealworms at once. Keep this treat to a small handful, although we’re sure they’ll always want more! You can grow your own or simply get them right here.

These are some of our favorite treats for chickens. Remember to keep their treats at around 10% of their regular diet for better results. What are your chickens’ favorite treats?


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