Backyard Chicken People on Instagram

The Ten Coolest Backyard Chicken People to Follow on Instagram

They say that pets become like their owners, and owners become like their pets. This juxtaposition is readily apparent between the adventurous backyard farmer and her or his flock of chickens. This is evident when you see the social nature of both hens and backyard chicken owners on Instagram. In case you were unaware, chickens and other types of backyard poultry have huge amounts of photos and content shared on Instagram everyday. Thus, here is our list of our top 10 coolest backyard chicken people to follow on Instagram.

If you have backyard chickens, and want to show off the day to day lives of your flock, as well as connect with other backyard chicken owners and get amazing ideas for best practices and creative care, then following some of the top #chickensofinstagram (one of the key hash tags for “chickens of Instagram”) is the best way to start.

The Top 5 Instagram Hashtags for Backyard Chickens

To put things in perspective, here are some of the top Instagram hashtags about chickens, and how many posts you find under them.  If you want to find the posts that most people are using on Instagram, or use the most popular tags on your own posts, these are the hashtags to pay attention to.

  1. #chickens – 1.3M posts
  2. #backyardchickens – 631k posts
  3. #chickensofinstagram – 470k posts
  4. #urbanchickens – 68k posts
  5. #freerangechickens – 55k posts

These hashtags have the most searches and posts on Instagram, and are a great place to start!

Top 10 Coolest Backyard Chicken People to Follow on Instagram

The best backyard chicken owners on Instagram regularly providing interesting and engaging photos of their poultry endeavors, or offering curated content related to the space.  Often times they’re witty, humorous, interesting, and insightful.  Here are the top 10 Instagram accounts to follow if you are a backyard chicken owner.

10. @backyardbeets – Allison Baker

Allison Baker is a backyard chicken enthusiast from the Florida panhandle. Her Instagram feed features a variety of hobby farming content and healthy lifestyle concepts. Check out this feed for a positive and optimistic take on backyard chickens.

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9. @theprairiehomestead – Jill Winger of The Prairie Homestead

Jill Winger is an author, blogger, and homesteader from Wyoming. She offers awesome educational content for a variety of homesteading concepts, including chickens of course!

8. @hotoffthenest – Daniellea2912

@hotoffthenest is an NPIP certified chicken owner, and self-proclaimed chicken nerd. Her flock boasts some striking Svart Hona Chickens.

7. @walkaheadfarms – Walk Ahead Farms

We’re going to start a new series entitled ‘Farmer Fact Mondays’ where we address many of the most commonly asked questions we receive as well as addressing some of the myths concerning pastured farming which are widely being spread in the marketplace. Edition #1- Did you know there’s absolutely NO difference in taste or quality between eggs with different colored shells? Taste and nutrition are determined by the health and diet of the hen. The color of the shell is determined by the breed. Our laying flock is comprised of a wide range of chicken breeds which lay eggs in all colors including white, green, blue, pink and multiple shades of brown. Egg size is determined in part by bird age (younger hens lay smaller eggs at first aka pullet eggs). Egg size can also be affected by breed as some are noted for producing larger sizes and some smaller. Our cartons of eggs are considered ‘mixed size’ as we have hens that lay not only all colors but all sizes. We love the diversity in nature! The world of poultry is really fascinating as there’s so much to learn! #chickens #hens #poultry #farmfresheggs #FAQ #askafarmer #knowyourfarmer #poultryscience #farmerfactMonday #walkaheadfarms

A post shared by Walk Ahead Farms (@walkaheadfarms) on

Walk Ahead Farms is a pastured poultry (and other livestock too) farm in Franklin County, NC. They’ve done an excellent drop creating a brand and a mission to cater to conscious consumers.

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6. @thehenpirestrikesbawk – The Henpire / Tonya

Do you love both Star Wars and chickens? If so, then definitely follow Tonya @thehenpirestrikesbawk. Her Colorado chickens all have creative and witty names based on Star Wars characters, like “Darth Layer” and “Jabba the Cluck”. It’s pretty good,

5. @cluckingchic – Clucking Chick

This Instagrammer from Austin, TX features the super popular silkies, along with some other egg layers. The style and creativity of her photography and lifestyle is worth the price of admission (which on Instagram is always free).

4. @cardashihens – CardashiHENS

A post shared by CardashiHENS (@cardashihens) on

Bringing sassiness to the world of backyard chickens, the four CardashiHENS (not to be confused with the Kardashians), have some of the most spunk on Instagram. With creative uses of augmented reality (adding graphic overlays to a photo, normally on a selfie) and clever chicken memes, this Instagrammer will definitely keep you entertained.

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3. @wallstreetfarmers – WallStreetFarmers

A post shared by @wallstreetfarmers on

The Wall Street Farmers show the life and times of several egg laying chickens, and their friendly Rottweiler companion. Wall Street pragmatism combined with backyard chickens makes our list of the top 10 coolest backyard chicken people to follow.

2. @milkwood_nick – Nick Ritar

A post shared by Nick Ritar (@milkwood_nick) on

From Victoria, Australia, Nick Ritar is the co-founder of Milkwood Permaculture. His Instagram feed features a variety of sustainable practices and production techniques. If you’re in Australia and want to see chickens done right down under, Nick Ritar is a must follow. He definitely makes our list of the top 10 coolest backyard chicken people to follow.

@drinkingwithchickens – Drinking With Chickens

Is there anything more entertaining that having your favorite beverage in your backyard and watching the non-stop antics and entertaining quirks of your backyard chickens? The highly popular Instagram feed out of Los Angeles bring style and class to that simple activity. If you like to follow a creative drink blog centered around backyard chickens, this is the Instagrammer for you.

There you have it…

There you have it. Our favorite backyard chicken Instagram feeds. We picked these feeds simply on who we find catches our eye the most as we are perusing and double tapping on our own feeds, rather that simply featuring the most popular bloggers and brands. Hopefully, this list will give you an idea as to the amazing diversity and creativity that backyard chicken owners all over the world demonstrate on Instagram. If you want to get in on this, fire up your own Instagram account and start posting and hashtagging!

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Do you have a cool backyard chickens Instagram feed?

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