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The 4 Best Broody Chicken Breeds

best broody chicken breeds

The best way to have a sustainable flock is to get your chickens to make more chickens! And the best way to achieve that is by getting the broodiest chicken breeds to act out as moms. These broody chickens will make excellent regular moms, sitting on eggs and raising chicks, even if they aren’t theirs! […]

The 4 Best Chicken Breeds For Hot Weathers

Like a lot of us, most chickens prefer cold weather to hot weather. So much so that the wrong chicken for the heat will stop laying altogether and may even have a hard time surviving the summer! With summers getting hotter and hotter in some farming areas of the US, getting the proper chicken breed […]

The Top 4 Pet Chicken Breeds

The Top 4 Pet Chicken Breeds

Pet Chicken Craze Raising chickens and ducks is becoming an increasingly popular hobby in the United States.  However, many people who want to start having their own pet chicken or flock have no idea where to start in choosing their breed. Breeding chickens has been a pursuit of lots of devoted farmers and bird enthusiasts […]

How To Build A Chicken Coop From Pallets

how to build pallet chicken coop

Looking for a chicken coop but have no money? Look no further. In this post we’re gonna show you how to make a chicken coop out of pallets and basically for free! This is a very simple process that you can customize according to your needs. You really don’t need a lot of skills to […]

Where To Get Cheap Chickens

How To Get Cheap Chickens

It’s about to be spring and, if you’re a backyard chicken fan that means it’s the perfect time to get new chickens! But, what if you can’t really afford to get all the chickens you want? Here are the best way to get cheap chickens and get the best bang or your buck! Mate your […]

The 5 Best Chicken Coops to get in 2019

best chicken coops 2019

There are lots of options for chicken coops. If you’re good with tools and have some time on your hands you can always build your own coop. However, more and more people are going for a more comfortable, pre-made option. We’ve already written an entry about everything a coop should have and all of these coops check all […]

Olive Egger: The Chicken That Lays Green Eggs

Olive Egger The Chicken That Lays Green Eggs

You’ve seen white eggs. You’ve seen brown eggs. But if you want to add some color to your organic eggs at the farmers market or simply to your egg basket, there’s no more unique way than with green eggs! The Olive Egger is a type of Easter Egger that, unlike the latter, will always lay […]

What You Should NEVER Feed Your Chickens

What You Should NEVER Feed To Your Chickens

Having chickens isn’t just a great way to get delicious, ethically produced organic eggs, it also gives you a great way to dispose most of your leftovers. Chickens will gladly eat things you would simply throw away like that rice you couldn’t finish or those stems you don’t like in your salad. However you should […]

21 Fun Chicken Facts You Probably Didn’t Know!

21 Fun Chicken Facts You Probably Didn't Know!

Whether or not you have backyard chickens these fun chicken facts will definitely amaze you! There are more chickens than people in the world. There are in fact 3 chickens per every man, woman and child. That’s over 25 billion chickens, more than any other bird in the world! Chickens can recognize over 100 faces, […]

Frostbite In Chickens: Identifying, Treating And Preventing

Frostbite In Chickens: Identifying, Treating And Preventing

Frostbite in chickens can cause lots of nasty consequences, from mild pain to decrease of mobility and egg production. Keeping your flock safe during the cold months is crucial to avoid frostbite in your chickens. But how do you make sure they won’t develop frostbite? And if they have, how do you identify it and […]

7 Unique Chicken Ornaments

We wanted to include these in our list of perfect chicken gifts but we found so many that we decided they deserved their own list. Check the most amazing ornaments in Amazon below! Chicken Pot Pie Merge your geeky and chicken loving sides with this funny ornament! Image printed on both sides of this ceramic […]