Chicken Amazon Prime Day Deals

Amazon Prime Day Deals for Chicken Owners

We went through the hundreds of products on sale for Prime Day to find the ones that are most helpful for chicken owners. If you have mice or insect problems around your coop, then Amazon Prime Day has a bunch of deals on top rated pest control products for you!

Amazon Prime day is quickly becoming a new Black Friday (for better or worse). The ecommerce behemoth is pushing Prime memberships by offering amazing deals on select products. If you are a chicken owner, there are a handful of products that may interest you. For some (inexplicable) reason, most of the Amazon Prime Day Deals that would benefit a chicken owner are related to pest control. If you have a problem with rodents or predators, now is a good time to try one of Amazon’s highly rated products to repel pests and keep your flock safe.

Amazon Prime is an awesome way to keep the products and inventory you need to keep your farm your backyard agriculture operation smoothly. You will get better prices, and a better selection by using Prime than brick and mortar stores. Also, with 2 day shipping (sometimes even faster), you can easily get the supplies you need in the timeframe you need them.

The Amazon Prime Day Deals for Chicken Owners are Mostly Pest Control Products

If you need pest control products, or an egg candler, Prime Day is your lucky day. Remember, you have to sign up for Amazon Prime to get these deals (you can do a 30 day free trial).  Check out the products that will benefit a backyard chicken owner below.

1. Pest Soldier Organic Home Pest Control Spray

Pest Soldier Home Pest Spray is on sale for Prime Day.

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The Pest Soldier Home Pest Spray is an organic pest control product that will mainly take care of insects around your home, barn, or coop. It does so in a natural and pet safe manner, that will keep your flock free of any potential harmful chemicals.

2. Eco Defense Rodent Guard Mice Repellent Pellets

If you want to use a natural mouse trap alternative, give these pellets a try.

Amazon really is pushing pest control this Prime Day (at least for chicken owners). If you want a mouse trap alternative for rodent control, these are highly rated and eco friendly.

3. Pet Soldier Humane Mouse Repellent

Here is an organic rodent spray that will help with mice control.

Again from Pest Soldier, this spray provides an eco friendly option to control mice around your chicken coop.

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4. Reflective Hanging Owl – Pest Repellent 

These actually look pretty cool and have solid reviews for repelling pest.

If you want to go with a non-pellet or spray product to control pests around your coop, try these reflective hanging owls. They look kind of cool as well!

5. Ultrasonic Pest Repellers

Let’s go high tech with pest repellent. These indoor use sound emitters drive away a bunch of insects and mice.

Their devices come in a 12 pack for you to plug in around your house to keep mice and insects away. The reviews are decent, so it could be worth a shot.

6. Scarecrow Fake Owl Decoy

Owls are great at scaring away pests…hopefully, they don’t scare your chickens too.

Here is a more realistic owl decoy. It is a top seller on Amazon and has very good reviews for its low cost.

7. Vensmile Humane Smart Mouse Trap

Build a better mouse trap and Amazon will sell it at an awesome price on Prime Day!

Here is a no-kill live catch mouse trap that allows you to bait a mouse with peanut butter than then dispose of it outside. This would be a good way to get mice out of your coop.

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8. Magicfly Egg Candler 

The one random product on Prime Day directly related to poultry – an awesome egg candler.

I went through the several hundred products for Prime Day, and this was the only one I found that was directly meant for poultry owners.

9. Anmago Ultrasonic Electronic Pest Control

Another electronic repellent – this one is effective against raccoons and skunks.

Here is a pretty sophisticated animal repelling device that uses ultrasonic sound and lights. Just make sure this doesn’t impact your actual flock, but it can guard the perimeter against predators.

See any others in the Prime Day lineup?

Let us know in the comments if you see any other products in the Prime Day lineup that are helpful for poultry owners, and help out your fellow agriculture enthusiasts!

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