eFowl is your marketplace for backyard chickens and pastured poultry.

For over a decade, eFowl has connected people with hatcheries, manufacturers, and suppliers to make their sustainable agriculture endeavors a success.  We list the product catalogs of the top hatcheries, as well as smaller local farms that produce heritage breed and free-range chicks for live purchase.  Furthermore, we guide customers to the best gear and supplies they need to make sure their farming efforts are well equipped.  However, it is not just about shopping.  We also offer insider information, educational content, fun news, a farm directory, along with product reviews and buyer’s guides, all to help you become a sustainable agriculture rockstar!

What can I find at eFowl?

Our mission is to promote pastured poultry and urban agriculture by offering you a comprehensive marketplace with the following sections and services –

  • Shop – We list the current catalogs of a variety of hatcheries, farms, and suppliers in the pastured poultry space.  Want to make a purchase?  We’ll take you directly to the source to buy.  Check out the Shop.
  • Directory – Our directory is an easy to use and every growing map of farms and hatcheries around the world that offer backyard chickens and pastured poultry products and supplies.  If you are looking to connect locally, this is where to go.  Check out the Directory.
  • Learning Center – If you are just getting started, we have a section for educational materials, as well as many blog posts offering you the basic knowledge you need to succeed.  Check out our Learning Center. 
  • Product Reviews – Most of the products we offer, especially live poultry, has reviews on the experience with the hatchery.  This is helpful if you want to get an idea of what to expect before you order.  See an example of reviews
  • Blog – Our blog is regularly updated with fun and useful guides, tips and tricks, and news and notes.  We work with a range of writers from beginners to experts.  You are sure to find something useful and entertaining!  Check out the Blog.
  • Insider Info – We’ve been in this space for over ten years.  We know the ins and outs of how the hatcheries work, what you need to consider before diving in, and how to be successful with your backyard chickens goals.  Check out some insider info.  

Where did eFowl come from?

eFowl started in 2008 when recent college graduate Austin Johnson was looking for ecommerce opportunity, and projects to hone his web development capabilities. Coming from an agricultural family, Austin had an aunt who raised and sold poultry via newsletter. One year, at the Thanksgiving dinner table, Austin asked his aunt if he could market her breeds via a website, and drop ship the orders with her. Thus, eFowl was born.

What were the early years of eFowl like?

Initially, eFowl was an ecommerce which would process orders directly from customers, and dropship them with a variety of hatcheries around the country. This was helpful to the customers as they could for the first time purchase the hard to find rare breeds like chocolate egg laying chickens and call ducks online, and not have to track down the farms which could sell them. Farms and hatcheries loved it as they could gain valuable online sales presence without having to invest the time or money to build an ecommerce site. As a drop shipper, eFowl serviced tens of thousands of customers in all fifty states and acted as a conduit for the backyard chickens and pastured raised poultry boom to take hold.

How did eFowl become the marketplace it is today?

As the years went by, farms and hatcheries were able to establish their own online presences which allowed customers to order directly through them, rather than require a drop shipper such as eFowl to broker the sale.  It is much better to order directly from a business, rather than use a middleman.  Once that technical infrastructure was in place, eFowl could send customers directly to the source, resulting in a better experience for all.  This allowed us to focus on providing educational content, guides, reviews, catalogs, and fun blogs to keep customers informed and entertained.  Thus, we transitioned to a marketplace business that allows farms, hatcheries, and other vendors to list their products in front of the millions of users that come to eFowl every year.

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