Save the Backyard Ducks in Long Island

A Battle to Save the Backyard Ducks in Long Island, NY

Raising chickens and ducks in one’s backyard is a practice that is undergoing explosive growth in the United States. Countless people find it to be an engaging hobby, an environmentally healthy pursuit, and a tremendous joy.

backyard ducks

Ducks aren’t just for the farm. They make great pets and wonderful friends.  Ava Post of Huntington Station holds one of her ducks.

This has been dubbed the Backyard Poultry Movement, and it is occasionally at odds with city ordinances and municipal codes.  Officials cite health, odor, and noise concerns.  However, while it may not be feasible to raise fowl on a large scale within city limits, it is certainly possible to keep a small flock for personal purposes, even when in close proximity to neighbors.

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There is a trend of legalization of backyard poultry in cities where it was once banned.  Examples of cities where the citizens have successfully overturned ordinances prohibiting backyard poultry include Fort Collins, CO, Madison, WI, and Ann Arbor, MI. However, this is usually only after a small skirmish between proponents and opponents of the Backyard Poultry Movement.

Such a skirmish is currently taking place in Long Island, NY, where Huntington Station resident Nina Tam and her daughter Ava Post are fighting to keep their ducks on their urban property. Nina Tam suffers from allergies to chicken eggs, and thus duck eggs serve as a wonderful, healthy alternative. The family is raising a small number of birds both as pets and for egg production, and they’ve found them to be a tremendous joy.

backyard ducks

Here are Nina and Ava’s backyard ducks. They appear to have a Pekin, two Black Runners, and a Fawn & White Runner.

Furthermore, the ducks are very quiet and do not disturbed the neighbors. They are totally fenced in, and do not create a public nuisance.  They even serve as an exciting treat for area children who come observe these entertaining birds.

However, one neighbor has complained and thus the city has sprung into action to have the ducks removed from their property. There is currently a hearing scheduled for November 5th to move closer to resolving the issue. Nina Tam and Ava Post have garnered hundreds of signatures on petitions to encourage their city to follow the increasing trend of legalizing backyard poultry. Also, their story has evoked an outpouring of support from poultry enthusiasts and sympathizers in the form of Tweets and Facebook messages.

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