Amazon Chicken Ornaments

7 Unique Chicken Ornaments

We wanted to include these in our list of perfect chicken gifts but we found so many that we decided they deserved their own list. Check the most amazing ornaments in Amazon below!

Chicken Pot Pie

Merge your geeky and chicken loving sides with this funny ornament! Image printed on both sides of this ceramic ornament so you can see it all the time.

Free Range Eggs

This intricate resin ornament is a perfect addition to any backyard chicken fan’s Christmas tree. Let’s be honest, you have something exactly like this in your kitchen already.

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Handcrafted Glass Rooster

If you love glass art as much as you love your chickens, this ornament is perfect for you. Handmade out of carefully melted glass, this beautiful piece of art will quickly become your favorite piece of decor, even after Christmas!

Rubber Santa Chicken

This clay ornament is cheap and funny! Show everyone your unique sense of humor with this lovely little rubber chicken dressed as Santa.

Egg Basket

We have eggs everywhere, why not our Christmas tree? Beautifully detailed and easy to hang, you can bet more than one guest will ask: “are those real?”.

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…chicken butt

Made out of natural maple wood this ornament is as resilient as it is funny. This is exactly the type of ornament your kids will love at first, roll their eyes later and end up remembering fondly when they grow up.

Chicken Coop

What better way to show off your love for backyard chickens than with a unique little chicken coop hanging from your tree? The gorgeous and intricate design features a coop with four hens and even their eggs!

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