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6 Items Your Coop Needs This Winter

During the winter it’s specially crucial to keep your coop warm and safe. To make it easier here are our top 6 items to get your coop ready for the winter!

Cheap, effective and reusable insulation

The most basic thing your coop needs! This insulation is cheap, effective and moisture-resistant. It’s easy to cut and fit in your coop and it’ll provide effective and long-lasting insulation without crumbling into little pieces like styrofoam.

Owen’s Pink Insulation

A temperature and humidity sensor

You don’t have to keep going outside to check on your coop. This sensor doesn’t only measure temperature, it also measures humidity, which is crucial to keep your chickens healthy. Simply install the wireless sensor inside your coop and you can check that everything is going well all day, everyday without having to step outside into the cold! And speaking about avoiding to go outside…

ThermoPro Temperature and Humidity Monitor

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An automated coop door

Too cold to go outside and open the coop for your chickens every single morning? Don’t risk your health (or wake up early) just to open a door! This German-made automatic door opener is easy to install, doesn’t require an outlet and it’s made with the safety of your chickens in mind. You can also get a separate timer for it! With over 250 5-star reviews you can’t go wrong this winter with this automatic door.

Cheeper Keeper Automatic Coop Opener

Solar light to keep your chickens laying!

If you want your hens to keep laying you’ll have to get some artificial lighting inside your coop. These solar LED light bulbs are easy to install. You can adjust the brightness too to make sure they’re the perfect brightness for your coop. We suggest the 2-pack so you can simply replace the light bulb every time the battery needs charging but there’s also a single light bulb option available.

Viewpick 2 Pack Solar Powered LED Light

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A safe coop heater

Please, do NOT use heat lamps to keep your coop warm. As we’ve mentioned in our other article about getting your coop winter-ready, heating bulbs are related to fires and other accidents, specially during the winter. Instead, keep your coop safe with this coop heater specially made for your chickens. It’s made so there’s no risk of burning and feels warm to the naked hand. It’s cheap, safe and highly rated.

Cozy Chicken Coop Heater 200W

A predator deterrent

During the winter, predators are more desperate than ever to get food. Make sure your coop is safe with this solar-powered predator deterrent. Make sure to install them at the right height for the predators you want to avoid.

PREDATORGUARD Solar Powered Predator Deterrent

Did we miss any? What’s your favorite gear for your coop that you use every winter?

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