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5 Reasons To Love Brahma Chickens

One of the most unique-looking chicken breeds is definitely the Brahma chickens. Brahmas are one of the largest breeds, going viral a few years ago with this video of a rooster. This American breed developed out of imported breeds has been around for over 130 years due to their hardiness, versatility and, well, their impressive size.

But how many eggs do Brahma chickens lay? Do they endure winters well? And most importantly: are Brahma chickens for you?

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Delicious Brahma Eggs

Large brahma chicken

These giants are known for their laying capabilities and are great when raising chickens for their eggs. Brahmas can lay up to 300 brown eggs a year. Their eggs tend to be from medium to large, depending on their feed and their age.

They don’t get broody often, which is good because they may squish eggs when sitting on them from time to time. However, when they do get broody they tend to be great mothers, which is perfect when looking to get a sustainable flock.

Hardiness Everywhere

Brahmas are very versatile and can endure extreme cold very well! Since they’re covered from top to bottom in feathers, they naturally have a coat to protect them from the elements. Just remember to keep an eye on their feet feathers to make sure they’re dry.

Tiny birds may get cold quickly, but not Brahmas! Since they’re very large, Brahmas retain heat very well. They also tolerate confinement quite well and make good foragers too.

They’re also perfect for raising next to neighbors! Brahmas tend to be quiet and collected, not as chatty as some of the other breeds. And since they don’t fly well, there are no chances of your neighbors finding them in their side of the fence.

Brahma Chickens Are Gentle Giants

As it usually goes with chickens, the bigger they are the more gentle they tend to be. This is especially true with Brahma chickens. They may look intimidating but they’re incredibly sweet and gentle. Even their roosters tend to be quite calm.

It’s quite obvious why larger birds are usually gentle. If you’re as large as the Brahmas, there aren’t as many dangers for you. Who would want to mess with a giant? No wonder that, despite their gentle nature, they tend to be at the top of the pecking order.

If you do decide to get a rooster, don’t count on him protecting their flock too well tho. And please, don’t get a rooster if you also have other smaller hens like a few Silkies. I don’t think I have to paint a picture of why that’s not a good idea.

Giant, Beautiful Birds!

Although their roosters aren’t great when protecting chickens, their size does make them perfect to raise when certain chicken predators are close by. Most predatory birds like owls and hawks will have a hard time kidnapping a bird this size.

But their size isn’t just useful when avoiding predators, it’s also gorgeous and impressive to look at. Whether you get the buff, dark or light Brahmas, you’re guaranteed to impress your friends. Just imagine them stopping by, seeing this giant chicken and finding out there was no reason to be intimidated when you hand-feed them!

No Space? No Problem!

Giant dark brahma chicken

Standard Brahmas may be the top choice for most people. But what if you don’t have the space for them? Or what if you’re worried about introducing such a large bird in your flock? That’s what the bantam version is for!

Bantam Brahmas get you the best of both worlds. This tiny, fluffy birds are perfect for when you want all the benefits of a Brahma, but in a smaller package.

Get your bantam Brahmas or your regular Brahmas today!

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What about you? Do you own Brahmas? What has been your experience?


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