Famous TV and Movie Duck breeds

5 Famous TV and Movie Ducks: What’s That Breed?

Ever saw a duck on TV and wondered what breed it was? Weirdly enough you don’t really stop to think about duck breeds until you actually are looking into getting a real duck. And as long as you’re getting ducks, why not get a few famous ducks?

These are some of the most famous ducks and their breeds, so you can also have a famous duck in your flock.

Donald Duck

Donald Duck is a Pekin Duck

Arguably the most famous duck in the world, Donald Duck’s grumpiness and weird speech hiding his heart of gold has captivated generations. It’s weird however to know that the breed he’s based on is actually a pretty chill and friendly breed, usually kept as a pet. With an upright stance, lovely and fluffy white plumage and orange shanks and feet, Donald Duck is clearly an American Pekin.

And it’s not just Donald who’s a Pekin. His whole family, Scrooge McDuck, Daisy Duck and even Huey, Dewey and Louie are also Pekins, which is great if you have a whole flock and are looking for names.

Donald Duck’s breed: American Pekin Duck

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Count Duckula

Famous Count Duckula's breed is a Cayuga Duck

A vampire duck may sound a bit scary until you realise Count Duckula is famous for being a vegetarian. He’s green, short and good-natured which is all we need to identify his breed: a Cayuga Duck.

Cayugas are medium-sized birds with amazing characteristics. With seemingly black feathers, they transform into stunning iridiscent green under the sunlight. They’re docile and kept for meat, eggs and ornament purposes. And if you want to keep them for eggs, you’ll be treated to stunning black eggs at the beginning of the season!

Count Duckula’s Breed: Cayuga Duck


The famous Ferdinand duck from Babe is an indian runner

The neurotic duck from the Babe movies isn’t a Pekin like some people think. In fact the ducks used to play Ferdinand were white Indian Runners.

Indian Runners are an incredibly active breed as their name suggests. However if you can keep up with them they’ll reward you with around 200 eggs a year, sometimes even more! Although they probably won’t try and replace your rooster like Ferdinand did.

Fun Fact: did you know that the director of the sequel, Babe 2: Pig In The City went to direct Mad Max:Fury Road?

Ferdinand’s Breed: Indian Runner

Abby Mallard

Abby Mallard is a mallard

Hey, do you remember when Disney was trying to make fun and original computer-animated movies before deciding to just remake its old hits? Yeah me neither. That’s basically because those movies ended up being somewhat obscure, like Chicken Little. However, kids still love Chicken Little and if yours are still watching it on repeat, why not get them their own Abby?

As her name suggests, Abby is a Mallard. And if you think that she can’t be because Mallards have green heads, just remember that those are the males! Abby is a female Mallard.

Mallards are some of the most common breed of ducks out there and you will often see them in parks all over the nation. They’re used often for their meat and egg production. They don’t however have weird bunny-like frontal teeth.

Abby Mallard’s breed: Mallard Duck

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Daffy Duck

Daffy Duck is an American Black Duck

One of the most famous and beloved ducks, Daffy Duck is supposed to be an American Black Duck according to Wikipedia. And at first glance, you can see the resemblance. American Black Ducks seem to have lighter colored feathers around their necks (although the light color goes up beyond their necks) and a yellow bills. And they’re black because that’s in the name, right? Wrong!

American Black Ducks are actually dark brown with distinctive iridescent purple feathers in their wings. That’s not Daffy Duck! I actually couldn’t find why Wikipedia and other sources say Daffy Duck is an American Black Duck besides pure speculation. I mean the name clearly states it’s a “black” duck and lives in America, what else do you want? Well there’s another breed that looks way more like Daffy Duck. That breed is the Black Swedish Duck.

First of all, Black Swedish Ducks’ feathers are almost completely black, no brown nonsense. Most importantly however, these ducks have a distinctive white patch on their necks which definitely resembles Daffy’s white necklace. And although they’re not a standardized variety, you can get one by mating two Blue Swedish Ducks.

Daffy Duck’s breed: Black Swedish Duck

Do you already own one of these famous duck breeds? Which is your favorite fictional duck?

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