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5 Chickens That Lay Unique Colored Eggs (That Aren’t Easter Eggers!)

When you picture eggs, what color are they? White? If you do, you’re not the only one. White eggs are common everywhere but that doesn’t mean they should be common in your coop! Specially if you’re planning on selling them. If you want to get more for your eggs, nothing says “fresh 100% organic eggs” like eggs that don’t look like the ones anyone can buy at a store. And as we’ve mentioned before, unique multi-colored eggs have also become a high-end gift in Silicon Valley. Add some color to your coop with these chickens that lay unique eggs!

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AmeraucanasBlue Eggs

Ameraucanas are docile and friendly birds. Although not as rare as the Araucanas (you can check the differences here!) they’re incredibly unique and are still considered rare in the United States.

People look for them because of their unique blue eggs and their egg production, which can be of up to 250 a year! Since they’re unique and hard to come by, some hatcheries sell Easter Eggers as “Americanas” (note the different spelling) to try and trick some unexperienced customers. If you want true Ameraucanas make sure you’re buying the right ones from a trusted hatchery or simply click here to see where to get them.

Black Copper Marans – Dark Chocolate Eggs

Black Copper Marans lay unique blue eggs

These beautiful chickens come from France and became very popular because of their unique eggs. They’re becoming quite popular not only because of their eggs but because of their strong and rustic look with beautiful plumage.

Marans are also winter-hardy and tolerate confinement fairly well. Although they aren’t usually very “cuddly” the Marans are still gentle and quiet. They produce around 180 unique eggs per year but the less eggs they lay, the darker they’ll be!

WelsummerBrown Speckled Eggs

Welsummer produces beautifun speckled brown eggs

Although not as dark as the Marans’, the Welsummer unique eggs tend to be speckled and add a beautiful variety to your egg basket. They’re fairly good layers too, laying around 160 eggs per year.

Welsummers are considered as the top free-range foragers of the larger breeds so you may need to look for their unique eggs around the pasture! They’re very intelligent, docile and winter-hardy.

Sussex Pink eggs

Unique pink eggs

This beautiful breed has been consistently popular because of their gentle nature and their regular egg laying, up to 200 eggs per year! They’re very mellow and curious and tend to follow you around the garden. The Sussex are winter-hardy and low-maintenance. Not only are they robust but will continue to lay their beautiful pinkish eggs during the winter!

Olive EggersGreen Eggs

Green eggs are the most unique eggs out there!

What happens when you mix a blue egg layer with a dark brown egg layer? The Olive Egger! This cross breed lays beautiful and unique green eggs, from light green to olive green and sometimes even army green! They’re usually a cross breed of Ameraucanas with Marans so they’ll have traits of both of them, like feathered feet and cheek puffs. If you don’t want to wait till you can cross them yourself, you can buy them right here.

Are you ready to start getting unique colorful eggs? Which are the weirdest eggs your chickens have laid? Share them in the comment section with other readers! And if you want to start selling eggs, check what you need to know to be able to sell them right here.

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