5 Rare Chickens Breeds You Can Buy Today

Keeping backyard chickens doesn’t just have to be about the delicious eggs. You can actually get involved on the conservation of rare chicken breeds! Some of these breeds are heritage breeds, some of them are plain rare breeds with unique history. Click on their names to check out where to get these unique rare breeds!

Lavender Orpington

This chicken is rare a variation on the popular Buff Orpington. The Orpington itself was classified as “endangered” by the American Livestock Breed Conservancy until recently. One of the reasons why it’s not endangered anymore is because of people like you, keeping this breed as their choice for backyard chickens.

The Lavender variation takes the Orpington to a whole new level. It was just created by the famous breeder Priscilla Middleton in the mid-1990s’! It took her many years of crossing to get this amazing breed in the UK. This breed is still a rare sight in the US.

Spangled Appenzeller Spitzhauben

This beautiful and rare chicken breed is the national breed of Switzerland! The Appenzeller has a rich history going back for centuries. Their unique crest and V comb is reminiscent of the traditional costume bonnets worn by the ladies in the Appenzellerland region, hence their name. This gorgeous breed is mostly used for exhibition although the hens are good egg layers too. They’ll lay around three white eggs for you every week.

The Appenzeller actually faced extinction during the 1950s and if it wasn’t for the German breeder Kurt Fischer we probably wouldn’t be talking about this gorgeous breed today. They’re still very rare in the US and, despite their European heritage, they haven’t been added to the American Standard of Perfection.

You can help this historic breed to never face extinction again!


If you’re looking for a rare breed with an American heritage, the Dominique is an amazing option. They’re considered to be the very first American breed. Just like the Appenzeller, the Dominique also faced extinction during the 50s and they were actually considered to be completely extinct!

Back then people started adopting them, however they’re starting to decline again today. Getting this amazing rare breed is a great way to help ensure the conservation of this American breed!

Black Sumatra

The Black Sumatra is an extremely intelligent breed, “talking back” to humans just like cats do! They can also produce unique sounds, not found in any other chicken breed. Originally bred for fighting, they’re still considered “undomesticated” and not recommended for the beginner.

Unfortunately, they’re exceedingly rare, probably because of the fact that they’re poor layers and not great for meat either. However they make fierce mothers and very resilient against predators!

Ayam Cemani

What is an Ayam Cemani?

One of the rarest and most expensive breeds, the Ayam Cemani is an amazing breed, we even dedicated a whole article to it! If you know anything about them is that they’re all black, from their feathers to their meat to their bones. The Ayam Cemani was even considered mystical powers!

Since the US has a ban in some imports from Indonesia, getting them can be challenging. However our partners at Cackle Hatchery have got you covered! You have to place an order a year in advance for chicks. However, you can also purchase some of their fertile eggs to breed them yourself!

Which was your favorite rare breed? Do you own any of these? Let us know below!

10 thoughts on “5 Rare Chickens Breeds You Can Buy Today

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  2. Anonymous says:

    I vote for the LAVENDER ORPINGTONS!!!! Are they as docile as their relatives the BUFF VARIETY? I am looking for some lavenders!!!!

  3. WILLIAM M. LAMB says:

    N early 80 blue orpintons were rare there was a fellow ralph brazalton in beattie ks who raised an showed them. He wanted retire i bought all his hens. He asked me about rooster he had 5 to 20 $. Young an dumb i took 5 $one. For several yrs i raised them. Getting 20 $ or more a pc when most were bringing 3 to 5 . He started the breed back by finding a white orphinton hen with blue shanks an breeding to blue andlusion. Shortly after he died .

  4. Joyce says:

    I have a Spangled Appenzeller Spitzhauben hen…I gave the 2 roosters away. This hen is lovely and has a quirky personality…very curious and lively. She can fly high and far if she wants to. And she does not like to be in a fenced area. She is so happy to be free ranging. When she is in the chicken yard she is usually pacing along the fence….squawking to be let out. Keep that in mind if you plan on getting this breed.

  5. Nancy says:

    I have a beautiful pair of Lavender Orpingtons. These are the only 2 I kept from last year, missed them so much I’m hatching most of their eggs this year. It’s taking a while from only 1 hen but well worth the time involved. Keeping the incubator going full time.
    Love these lovely docile birds.

  6. Aline J. Berry says:

    Please forward more info on the Spangled oppenzellers, size – price and how to order. Thanks, Aline

  7. Susan Greenall says:

    I have a pair of Lavendar Orphingtons. I did not know they were so rare. Should I separate them and try to breed and incubate the eggs? My rooster is the biggest, most docile rooster I’ve ever had. He loves to sit in my lap and be loved on. I also have 2 Dominiques with no clue they were rare. They are my talkers and follow my every step talking the entire time. Thank you for th einformation.

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