Where To Get Cheap Chickens

How To Get Cheap Chickens

It’s about to be spring and, if you’re a backyard chicken fan that means it’s the perfect time to get new chickens! But, what if you can’t really afford to get all the chickens you want? Here are the best way to get cheap chickens and get the best bang or your buck!

Mate your chickens

The first way to get cheap chickens? Get your chickens to make more of them! We’ve written a whole article about how to mate your chickens before but basically, you need the following:

  • One rooster with at least five chickens
  • Hens that make good mothers
  • Mating them at the right time (spring)

Mating your chickens can be fun and educational, specially if you have kids. If you want to look into mating your chickens the full natural way you’ll want breeds that make good mothers. We recommend breeds like Cochins, Silkies and Orpingtons.

If you want to buy chickens to breed later you can actually buy a sustainable flock package with eight females and one male like this one!

But what if you’re just starting or you can’t breed your chickens for whatever reason?

Fertilized eggs

Fertilized eggs are cheaper than chicks or pullets because you have to do all the work. As the old saying goes, you shouldn’t count your chickens before they hatch.

A lot of people swear by a selective method to get eggs that are most likely to produce female chickens by selecting and incubating the most oval-like eggs. Some hatcheries even choose and sell “female eggs”. This is why, if you get an assorted batch of eggs you’re more likely to get cockerels than pullets. We are yet to try this method.

To incubate eggs you’ll need incubators like these ones and a lot of patience, candling your eggs, turning them and taking care of the chicks in a proper environment once they hatch.

It is a lot of work but you can learn a lot and establish a unique bond with your chickens. Plus, once you get the equipment you can repeat the process as often as you want!

Surplus chickens

No hatchery produces exactly the amount of chickens they’re gonna sell. The fastest and cheapest way to get chicks is to buy from that surplus!

This is perfect if you’re flexible on the breed and want to get the chicks as soon as possible, with no waiting time.

What kind of surplus chickens you can get? Well, you can get a surplus of all long-tail chicken breeds, that can include different variations of the Yokohama or the Phoenix breeds.

You can also get the surplus of a particular breed, like Cochin or Polish. If you want a LOT of chickens you can get a “Hatchery Surprise” which includes at least 40 babies, each for less that two dollars!

If you don’t mind receiving chicks that aren’t sexed and leaving the choosing of the particular breed variation to the hatchery you can get some amazing chickens for very low prices. Check out the available surplus chickens right here!

5 thoughts on “Where To Get Cheap Chickens

  1. James Koloski says:

    I would like to go back to raise chickens like my grandparents did. Want to get Americana’s. Rhode Island reds and bantams. Pls help

  2. June says:

    You can also buy surplus older chicks at the Farm and Home store. Day old chicks are around d $2.99 but older chicks can be as cheap as $1.00!!!

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