Can you sell backyard chicken eggs?

Can you sell backyard chicken eggs

A great problem to have while raising chickens is having too many eggs. After all, there’s only so many sunny-side up and cakes you can prepare. Can you sell your backyard eggs? What do you need to start?

Is it legal to sell backyard chicken eggs?

Eggs sold from your home are typically except from licencing. However if you want to sell eggs at farm markets and such in the US you do need a USDA licence. You’ll also be subject to yearly inspections by the USDA to check that everything is up to code and be added to their directory. It can be tedious to go through all the regulations but it’s always better to comply. Plus, you’ll be able to use that as a selling point to your potential customers!

In the US your eggs also have to be washed, cleaned and kept refrigerated. Check the USDA grading system despite not being mandatory to get an idea of the quality of your eggs.

Who can you sell eggs to?

The easiest potential customers for you are obviously your friends and family. Giving a few eggs to your neighbors may be a great way to get them on board with you having backyard chickens. Outside your home look for farm markets, local markets and local farm stores. If you don’t have a licence you can just have buyers to pick them up from your house!

Another way to sell from your home is to set up a roadside stand. When building one think about the roadside stand you’d buy eggs from. Make your prices and how to buy them clear. You want them to know exactly where to knock and how much they’ll spend as easy as possible so anyone that wants them can get them. Make the stand presentable. A simple but nice stand with fresh paint, no spelling mistakes and maybe even close to your chickens (if possible) will go a long way!

As we said before, backyard chicken eggs are tasty. Once you start selling them, word of mouth can quickly help you to have more buyers than eggs.

How much should you sell them for?

Pricing your eggs can be tricky. If you want to cover all of your chicken expenses your prices may not be attractive. No one gets rich selling backyard chicken eggs but you can definitely pay for your chicken feed with them.

A good idea to start is to check how much people are already paying for them. Go to your local farmers market and check their eggs and prices.If you live in an urban environment you can probably sell them at a higher price than in a rural environment where everyone has chickens already.

If you want to sell eggs, presentation is also important. Look for cheap egg cartons to make it easy and practical to sell eggs to your customers.

If you have ducks, bantams or quails you can sell eggs for more than regular eggs! It may be hard to find a good niche market for those specialty eggs but you’ll be thankful you did once you find it.

Finally remember: markets fluctuate! Keep an eye on prices so you can raise or slower them with the market. You don’t want to sell eggs too cheap! If you do your research to sell legally, at a fair price and to the right people, you’ll start wondering why you didn’t start sooner.

Once you start selling eggs you’ll probably want to add chickens to your flock that will give you the most amount of eggs. Check out the best ones over here!

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  2. Joseph Rodriguez says:

    I sell pasture raised brown eggs at the state of MS Farmers Market and popup markets year round for five dollars a dozen and the extra large/ jumbo eggs for five dollars and seventy five cents. Many days I sell out one to two hours before market closing. I mean several hundred dozen a week sold. I started years ago with fifty and now keep the licence limit of five hundred layers. I am inspected annually for NPIP USDA Federal Certification and also by the state of MS Dept of Ag and Commerce Vet service for licencing. Check in your area for carton manufacturers, I use one in the next county and buy top notch hot of the printing presses foam cartons for ten and half cents each. Customers return the cartons and I reuse them several times by just overlaying the old label with an updated one. I wash my eggs super fast with a “Little Egg Scrubber” machine that cost only $269 !!!

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