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eFowl Directory

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Today, we are thrilled to announce the launch of a new feature on eFowl that we have been working on for a long time – the eFowl Directory!  This directory will be an amazing resource for farms, hatcheries, and businesses of any size to present their brand in front of eFowl’s tens of thousands of weekly visitors.  It is a new an innovative way for consumers to search for local producers of chicken, eggs, and other farm products – and buy directly from the farmer.  Our goal with the eFowl Directory is to empower farmers all over the world to control their sales channels and earn more profit on their production – fostering a more equitable and functional food system for all!

eFowl Directory
With the eFowl Directory, you can easily list your farm or business, and get in front of eFowl’s tens of thousands of weekly visitors looking to buy locally from people like you!

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How did we get here?

About two years ago, we announced our big plans to become build a multi-vendor marketplace for pasture-raised poultry. Since then, we have transitioned away from a traditional e-commerce agricultural retailing model, to a platform where farms and hatcheries list their catalogs for customers like you to browse and make more educated purchasing decisions for your home, farm, or business.  The motivation for this drastic business change was to help foster growth in the sustainable agriculture and pastured livestock ecosystem.  Our vision is to empower the participants in this agricultural niche with the much needed technologies and platforms that allow consumers and producers to connect more efficiently and profitably – giving the consumer access to food grown in a manner that is in line with their values, and giving the producer the ability to control their own sales channels and keep more of what they make.

How do customers benefit from the eFowl Directory?

We are seeing a trend in poultry (as well as in the broader food/agriculture space) or customers wanting to buy locally.  This trend is backed up by web search data – more and more customers are searching terms like “chickens for sale near me“, rather than simply “chickens for sale“.  Whether we are talking about chicks for your broiler or laying hen business, or food products – customers want to find products locally.  The eFowl Directory is meant to serve this demand – wherever you are, you should be able to find what you want locally.  Buying local has many benefits, including lower shipping/distribution costs, livestock that is healthier and more adapted to one’s given region, and keeping money in local agricultural economies.  There is simply no need for customers to deal with expensive and costly shipping anymore, especially when it comes to living poultry.  Search local and win!

How do producers benefit from the eFowl Directory?

Whether you are a farm, hatchery, food producer, or supply/equipment company, you can benefit by creating a free listing on the eFowl Directory.  This is because you will gain valuable visibility from customers that are looking to buy local for reasons we describe above.  eFowl has an extensive history in the pasture raised poultry space.  For several years, we were a major supplier of live poultry all across the country.  This has yielded an extensive messaging reach as we receive tens of thousands of users every week, searching for products like chicks, eggs, and farm supplies.  We no longer sell to customers directory, rather we want to connect customers with businesses like yours to help foster an equitable and profitable food system for all parties involved.

Marketing is a costly endeavor any business.  Getting your brand and your products in front of customers is expensive, and proving that you are making a solid return on your marketing investment is a full-time job in itself.  With the eFowl Directory, you are not paying Facebook or Google for website traffic or to show your brand to customers, eFowl will do it for free!  Furthermore, with the eFowl Marketplace and Shop, we have developed a business model where vendors are only paying for successful sales to customers, rather than based on ad impressions or other traditional advertising models.  Agriculture and farming profit margins are simply too thin and too difficult to warrant expensive advertising budgets.  Thus, we have developed a business model that is success-based for the producer/vendor.

Let's get started!

How much does it cost?

The eFowl Directory is currently free for both customers and vendors.  We will offer premium services such as favored listing placement or promotional capabilities in the future.  We will charge a sign-up fee in the near future, but this is currently free!

How do I list my business?

Creating your listing is quick and easy.  You just need to login to the eFowl Directory (you can easily use your Facebook or Google account so you don’t need to set up yet another password!).  Then, click “List Your Business” on the top menu.  Now, you will fill out a bunch of basic information about your farm, hatchery, or other business.  Also, select the categories of products you sell.  We even included product categories that are not related to poultry, so that people will find you on eFowl and Google who are searching for broader agricultural goods.  Finally, upload some photos that best represent your business (logo, a picture of the store/farm, your smiling beautiful faces).  Be sure and let customers know how to get in touch with you.  You can ask them to go to your website or Facebook page or give you a call/email.  The whole process should take about 5 – 15 minutes, and you are all set!  You can also log-in and edit your listing at any time.

Please please please give us your feedback!

Like what we are working on, or have some suggestions for improvements?  Let us know in the comments or the feedback tab.  Our vision to create a more equitable and profitable food system in the sustainable niches of poultry is a lofty one, and we need your help to achieve it!

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4 thoughts on “Introducing the eFowl Directory

  1. Nia Heu says:

    I have a gift certificate of $51.79 from my previous order, is this gift certificate usable? Can I use this gift certificate on my next order and how do I enter this gift certificate on the order form online?

    • Austin Johnson says:

      Hi Nia, We do not accept orders directly any longer. Rather, we list the catalogs of vendors whom you can order from on their own websites. The store credit from your previous order was good for one calendar year and is thus expired. I apologize for the inconvenience. ~Austin

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