Black Friday Deals for Chicken Owners

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Black Friday Deals for Chicken Owners

Well, that dubious day of American consumerism is upon us – Black Friday (and Black Friday’s younger but quickly growing cousin, Cyber Monday).

In true Amazon fashion, there are some amazing deals to be had online.  Earlier this year in July, Amazon had it’s Prime Day, and there were some solid deals for the chicken owner, urban farmer, and sustainable agriculture enthusiasts.

We’ve reviewed Amazon’s offering for this year, and pulled the deals will be most up your alley.  As always, to truly take advantage of Amazon’s absurd prices and deals, you need to be an Amazon Prime member (50% of American households can’t be wrong, can they?).

10. Woods Clamp Lamp – $9.21 (22% off)

The Woods Clamp Lamp is an ideal lamp for brooding chicks. Pick one (or several) up for next year’s new baby chicks.

A large, super popular, lamp that secures via a clamp to almost any surface.  Anybody that has ever raised chicks knows how important a supplemental heat source is.  This is a perfect lamp for brooding next year’s chicks.  Stock up on these lamps, because you know how handy they are and that you’ll need them!

9. Pawhut Wooden Backyard Slant Roof Hen House Chicken Coop – $177.93 (20% off)

Pawhut coops will get the job done at a very reasonable cost.

Baby, it’s cold outside!  You bitties need a well-insulated coop to keep them toasty all winter.  While these Pawhut coops aren’t going to be heirloom quality (they are pretty close to IKEA in terms of wood quality and durability), they do get the job done on housing a few chickens.  They’re on sale right now, so if you need a quick and easy solution, this one will do the job.

7. Galvanized Hardware Cloth – $138.58 (27% off)

More of a DIY type? This galvanized hardware cloth is perfect for chicken coops and runs.

If you are building a coop, or are planning on building a coop someday using some plans, it probably calls for hardware cloth or chicken wire.  This stuff is great for coops and runs because it is durable and predator resistant.  This particular hardware cloth is some of the best selling, best-reviewed hardware cloth on Amazon.  There are a bunch of other hardware cloth products on sale for Black Friday / Cyber Monday too, so if you are looking for a specific gauge, there is a good chance that today is a good day to buy.

6. Multi-Color Numbered Legbands for Chickens and Ducks – $7.54 (39% off)

Numbered leg bands are a staple of any sustainable egg farm (not that you can’t tell all your hens apart by sight, obviously).

Leg bands won’t exactly break the bank, but a deal is a deal.  If you’re loading up on an Amazon cart, and have a commercial egg farm or pasture raised duck farm, throw these in too.  They come in handy and keep you organized.

5. VetRx Poultry Aid – $10.52 

This all-natural product has great reviews for treating respiratory, eye, and leg skin issues in all types of poultry.

Did you know that in 2017, most retailers stopped being able to sell many common poultry medications?  This is ultimately a good thing, as it will reduce the reliance on antibiotics in the poultry industry.  However, finding natural and effective solutions to common poultry illnesses has been a challenge.  This is a product that has lived up to that challenge.

4. Poultry: A Practical Guide – $6.75

Hugh Piper’s well-received book about raising all types of poultry for profit and exhibition.

Looking for a solid book to up your knowledge game on all things all types of poultry.  This is a well-reviewed book on the choice, breeding, rearing, and management of fowl.

3. Rooster Booster Poultry Cell – $13.66 (13% off)

Another popular poultry supplement to keep your flock healthy and disease free.

When eFowl processed orders directly (we’ve since become a multi-vendor marketplace), this stuff sold super well.  It is a great supplement to help out your flock with an extra boost of vitamins, amino acids, and minerals to keep your birds in tip-top shape.

2. 100W Cermanic Infrared Heat Emitting Brooder Lamp – $11.99 

This light bulb doesn’t emit light but just heat. It is a good heating solution for chick brooding areas where you don’t want to have a bright light on all the time.

If you need heat emitting bulbs (as opposed to light emitting bulbs), this is a super popular seller on Amazon.  It is great for chicks and other pets.  If your chicks are having pecking issues, sometimes altering the light cycles can help.  However, most of the time you don’t want to drastically lower the temperature to produce darkness.  This lamp will solve that problem.

1. Automatic Chicken Waterer – $10.92 (29% off)

Nothing says Black Friday like an….automatic chicken waterer!

If you want to set up some watering cups that fill automatically for your backyard flock, this is a good product to check out.  Remember, keeping unfrozen, liquid water available for your flock during the winter is critical for the cold months.


See any others in the Black Friday / Cyber Monday lineup that chicken owners and farmers should know about?

Let us know in the comments if you see any other products in the promotional lineup that are helpful for poultry owners, and help out your fellow agriculture enthusiasts!


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