The Top 5 (Cheap) Chicken Coops for Sale on Amazon

Buying a chicken coop is not easy. You need a coop that is going to house and protect your backyard chicken flock.  However, the ideal pre-made chicken coop is a difficult product to find.  Manufacturers and distributors are challenged to make a coop that will get the job done at a reasonable price.

At eFowl, we’ve seen a lot of pre-made coop brands come and go.  A number of factors make it difficult to design, manufacturer, and ship a product that will yield a high level of customer satisfaction.  Those factors include –

  • Shipping Cost – you want a coop that is going to have a low shipping cost (or have free shipping).  This requires that manufacturers create coop designs that can be shipped in flat packs, which will have the optimal shipping costs.  Think of IKEA style boxes that are small, dense, and heavy – this is how the unassembled coop needs to be transported.
  • Ease of Assembly – you want a coop that is going to be easy enough to put together.  Perhaps a screwdriver set and allen wrenches, or maybe a few nails are the only tools you should need.
  • Price Point – you want a coop that is going to get the job done, but not break the bank.  If you want to spend over $1k, you can likely find a contractor / handyperson who will come build a coop in your backyard, often with better materials and a more functional design.
  • Quality of Materials – you want something that is going to withstand the elements, but you understand a pre-made coop is not going to last for generations.  If you are looking at this category of low-cost, shipable coops, you are likely looking at coops that are made in China, most likely of Chinese fir wood.  This is fine, as long as the other factors of the product make sense (price point mainly).
  • Design Utility – you need a coop design that is going to offer easy cleaning and egg collection.  Basically, you need a coop that was designed by people with experience with chickens.

The result is a ton of cheap chicken coops that range from about $200-$1,000 in cost, are made from materials that will work but certainly aren’t high quality, and are about as challenging as an IKEA product to assemble. If you don’t want to build your own coop from plans, these pre-made coops are a good way to go. You will get something that will last you a few years, and will serve as a solid protection from predators and weather.

Below is a list of the top coops that are available on Amazon that fit this bill. These coops are cheap, but they’re going to get the job done. I’ve based this list primarily on the customer reviews on Amazon.  My objective is to find coops where the customers are relatively happy with the general price point, the quality, and the assembly experience.

5. Cape Cod Chicken Coop – Precision Pet 

The Precision Pet Cape Cod Coop – $276.69

Capacity: 4 chickens

  • Pros
    • Product is shipped and sold by Amazon, not a third party
    • Two door design creates a lot of accessibility
  • Cons
    • Chinese wooden coop, it will not last forever
    • Generally low cost materials, it will get the job done, but the cheaper price reflects a cheaper quality

4. Dutch Gambrel Style Chicken Coop 90″ – Pawhut 

Pawhut Dutch Gambrell Coop - B01LYMVUG6
The Pawhut Dutch Gambrell coop offers an appealing aesthetic. – $409.58 .

Capacity: 5-7 chickens

  • Pros
    • Stylish, unique design with green and white coloration
    • Pull-out sliding tray for easy cleanup
  • Cons
    • Chinese wooden coop, it will not last forever
    • Directions can be confusing, and shipping damage can happen leaving you in a customer service situation

3. Backyard Wooden Chicken Coop 75″ – Best Choice Products 

Backyard Wooden Coop
A solid coop to get the job done in your backyard for a super efficient price. – $164.95

Capacity: 3-5 chickens

  • Pros
    • Removable bottom tray for easy cleaning
    • Raised housing area with ramp
  • Cons
    • Chinese wooden coop, it will not last forever
    • Hardware issues – customers sometimes report missing or cheap screws / hinges

2. The Prairie Home Chicken Coop – Advantek 

B0087BI9NE - Chicken Coop
The Prairie Home Chicken Coop from Advantek offers a higher level design than the basic simple wood, and at a great price! – $193.99

Capacity: 2 chickens

  • Pros
    • Smaller, stylish coop with attached run
    • Removable roof for easy cleaning and access
  • Cons
    • Assembly doesn’t require specialized tools, but the instructions are difficult to follow
    • Very small, you are not going to get a large flock in here

1. The Snap Lock Coop – Advantek

Formex Snap Lock Large Coop
The Snap Lock Coop employs a lightweight plastic material and achieves some of the best results – $799.99

Capacity: 4-6 chickens or 6-12 bantams

  • Pros
    • Excellent reviews  – this is one of the few coops in this pricing level that customers generally do not have basic quality issues with
    • Durable plastic (not wood) made in the USA
  • Cons
    • Higher price point – this is one of the more expensive coop products in this category
    • Nesting box layout is difficult for larger numbers of birds

Please note, these reviews are generally not as strong as you would see from other top Amazon products. As I stated earlier, these coops are essentially going for an IKEA quality level. It will get the job done, but is not going to be an heirloom piece.  When you are purchasing a product like a pre-made chicken coop, you have to manage your expectations.  You are not buying a building for $200.  Rather, you are solving your chicken housing concerns in a cost effective manner.

Ultimately, buying on Amazon is a good idea because the companies which sell and ship the coops are going to be governed by Amazon’s fulfillment and customer service standards.  If you have an issue (and believe me, these things can easily be damaged in shipping), working with a vendor through Amazon is going to result in better overall satisfaction.

Have you ordered a coop that you found to have an exceptional design, quality, or price point?  If so, let me know in the comments below.

6 thoughts on “The Top 5 (Cheap) Chicken Coops for Sale on Amazon

  1. Talia says:

    I need a large coop. But I don’t need a run. I have free range but I need nesting areas and would love an outside access to the eggs. But I have alot of chickens. 12-16 at any given time. I haven’t been able to find anything in my area. I’ve found the perfect coop, but the shipping is more than the coop itself! I don’t know what else to do. My coop now is about 12 years old and on its last leg.

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  3. L. Marr says:

    Well, I love the list but they are all out of stock… I just got the email! Hopefully they will be ones that return later.

    • Austin Johnson says:

      Thanks for your comment. The out of stock notification that you see on most of the list items is actually for the the used coops on Amazon. The new coops are all in stock currently, which the exception of number 2. The Prairie Home Chicken Coop Advantek. I’ll work to modify this Amazon feed such that this is clearer in the future ~Austin

    • Austin Johnson says:

      Hi Joseph – I’ve never looked into piegon coops, but I’d imagine there are a similar range and qualities as chicken coops. I’ll check these out in the future. ~Austin

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