The New eFowl Experience: A Marketplace for Farms and Hatcheries


eFowl has been working over the past six years to make buying poultry easy and cost effective for small agricultural operations and family farms. We’ve focused on sustainability and eco-friendliness as the pasture raised poultry industry has grown by leaps and bounds. Consumer demands are trending towards food that is produced in a manner that pays attention to factors beyond the bottom line, and this trend has been a key driver of our growth.

Our original foundation was with a small family waterfowl farm in Minnesota, and we’ve since partnered with several key participants in the industry to provide the customer with superior selection and service. Continuing with the spirit, we are doing things a bit differently in 2016.

What is changing in 2016?

efowlThis year, eFowl is listing the poultry and products your farm needs from a variety of hatcheries and manufacturers. You can see exactly where you are buying poultry from, and read about their production practices, ideals, and strengths.  In addition, you can see customer reviews specific for that producer and breed.  Ultimately, we want to provide you with the information, the data, and the purchasing system that brings us closer to our mission of making buying poultry easy.

What is this marketplace and how does it benefit me?

Rather than purchasing from eFowl and having us route your order based on its contents and your location, we are empowering you to select the hatchery and order directly from them through the eFowl system.  Think of it as a Travelocity for poultry.  Our objective is to provide you with a variety of availability, products, and pricing configurations, such that you can place the best orders possible for your individual needs.

We are just getting started with this marketplace concept.  However, our vision is to improve the user experience in the following ways –

  • Amazing Selection – we will be able to bring on more and more NPIP certified farms and hatcheries, giving the customer access to a variety of heritage and production poultry breeds direct from the farmer.  No longer will you be confined to the local feed store or hatchery to supply your farm.  You will be able to tap into an ever growing nationwide network of like minded farmers such as yourself.
  • Options, Options, Options – The various farms and hatcheries around the country all offer a variety of production characteristics and services to meet the customer needs and tastes.  We are building a system that reflects the exact capabilities and production standards of the originating farms.  Want a hatchery that uses a flock owner system to have free range parent flocks?  That’s available.  Looking for strictly organic producers?  That’s coming soon.  Need your flock to have specific vaccinations? You’ll be able to search based on those qualities.  Our vision is to allow the customer to search based on their individual needs, rather than take a one sized fits all approach to sustainable agricultural.
  • A New Availability and Logistical Solution – At the very core of the hatchery direct ordering is the availability system we are building.  We are aggregating all of the availabilities of the participating farms and hatcheries into one system, that will allow you to search in a variety of ways – such as availability timeframe.  Additionally, if you want to only connect with nearby farms that offer local pickup or quick shipping, searching based on geography will soon be an option as well.  It’s all about giving you the power to choose.
  • Same Excellent Service and SupportUltimately, the reason that farms and customers want to work with eFowl is that we take service and support very seriously.  It is how we compete. We focus on creating the content that educates people who want to raise chickens effectively, and have control over where their food comes. We offer service that is focused on reasonableness and quick issue resolution, not call centers reading scripts and aggressive upselling. We stick by our guarantees that protect you if something goes wrong. If we combine this focus on service with our ever improving technological features such as text message based shipment reminders and post-shipment email follow ups, we are facilitating a smooth and effective transaction for all parties involved.

We need your feedback, please!

Currently, we are rolling out the hatchery catalogs so you can browse a variety of farms and hatcheries on eFowl.  Please, leave us your feedback in the comments below to let us know what types of features and services would help you the most.  We have a long ways to go to truly build our vision, and that vision will change as we learn what works and what doesn’t.

Thank you to all who have been our partners as we’ve learned and grown with us throughout the years.  It is ultimately the small family farmers, the sustainable agriculture operations, and the poultry enthusiasts that have allowed us to thrive.  It is your participation in this industry of pasture raised poultry that has brought this agrarian industry to fruition, and motivated us to innovate and improve.

Are you interested in becoming a vendor or supplier represented in our new hatchery direct eFowl Marketplace?

Austin Johnson
Founder and CEO

10 thoughts on “The New eFowl Experience: A Marketplace for Farms and Hatcheries

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  3. Ed Hansen says:

    Your website & information is amazing. I was looking for other places for heritage & broad breasted turkeys. I think I have found it. Thanks for listening!

    Also trying something new, have had lots of turkeys in the past, had to stop due medical reasons, good now. L

  4. Ann Dudley says:

    This will be my first time to have livestock (chickens, rabbits, and maybe turkeys) in about 30 years. I think anyone who is looking for a place to get their info and products this is the place to come. I will be looking forward to the coming changes.

    • Alan Stone says:

      Hi Matthew,

      I will reach out directly regarding an opportunity to market your poultry with eFowl. Thanks for your note!


    • Alan Stone says:

      Hi Donna, we do not send out any paper catalogs, as our inventory and product offering grows and changes regularly. You can find all of our listings for our partner hatcheries on the website,

  5. Sugar Valley Farm says:

    We are very excited about and looking forward to eFowl’s plans. We have always received great service and that is one of the biggest reasons we turn to eFowl – quality birds and individualized service. We especially like the plan to have some form of directory that will help us find more rare or uncommon breeds in our state. Visitors coming to our farm to pick out their backyard laying hens always say we have beautiful birds – that’s because they’ve come from quality hatcheries, thanks to eFowl!

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