eFowl.com Reviews and Feedback

Reviews and Feedback for eFowl.com

eFowl.com is the one of the web’s leading suppliers poultry and poultry products. We ship thousands of birds on a weekly basis, and experience overwhelmingly positive feedback and reviews.

As we near the end of the 2010 hatching season, we thought we would share some of the kind words that have been sent to us by our grateful customers.  The following are all real excepts and eFowl reviews from just a sampling of the emails that we receive everyday.

  • First, just want to say that we got our ducklings from the post office this morning and they are beautiful and perfect!! We have 5 other grown ducks that we got locally, and I was worried about ordering them online- ordering from you guys has been so easy! It has been a pleasure dealing with your company. – Nancy, Mississippi
  • The mailman just left after delivering the mandarin and wood ducks. They are beautiful,¦. They arrived in perfect condition and have been placed in their new home,¦. Your job is awesome; you guys make people happy. Thank you so much. – Luz, Texas
  • Good morning!  I just wanted to let you guys know that I received my ducks this morning.  They were in excellent shape.  They are absolutely adorable.  Thank you so much for everything.  We look forward to making more purchases from you soon.  Again thanks, they are beautiful and healthy as can be. – Brandy, North Carolina
  • We received our Call Ducklings yesterday, they are beautiful,¦. The ducklings actually were at my son’s school today for show and tell, they were a huge hit among faculty as well as students, I wish I had some business cards of yours, I think I would have made you some sales. I told them the web address and it’s pretty easy to remember so don’t be surprised if you get a few more orders from this area. It has been a pleasure doing business with you, I would give a A+++ rating if anyone asked. – Denise, Maine
  • You all rock! All of my ducklings are beautiful and healthy. Just took the last ones out of the nursery and they are having a ball. Not only did I receive my order prompt but when there was a problem with the hatch I was sent extras when they did come through. Thanks again. I will be a customer again. – Cheryl, Washington
  • We received the shipment today.  There were 11 ducks (4 males, 7 females) in the shipment, and unfortunately 1 of the males didn’t make it.  Thank you for sending an extra one.  We are happy with the condition of the ducklings and are enjoying taking care of them. – Diane and Marko – Texas
  • Our little Cayuga ducklings arrived safely. They are so adorable and are already such a wonderful addition to our family. Thank you for the care you took in shipping them and for such sweet new friends! – Stephanie, Washington
  • I just wanted to thank you, one more time, for the extra effort you went to in handling our order.  Our 8 call ducklings love Northern California and are turning into beautiful healthy ducks. – Tim and Mona, California
  • WOWEEEE!!!! Through the heat wave, my birds were shipped and ALLLLL of them are wonderful and healthy. I’m sooo impressed and I’m telling all my farm friends!!!! Very very nice, and THANK YOU!!!! I will order again soon! – Cassie, Maine
  • I got a call from our local post office this afternoon and picked up the shipment. Everyone was in good shape but were very happy to get into their new pen with food and water. Thank you for all your help. – Doug, Nevada
  • We love our baby ducks,¦.They did arrive timely here in Indiana last Friday,¦.My 11 year old son is urging them in a movie he is making,¦.Thank you again for your excellent help,¦.A really impressive biz you got going! – Donna, Indiana
  • Just an update on our ducks, they are 3 months old now and so much fun to enjoy each day! – Susan, Texas
  • I just wanted to thank you for my order. I received my chicks about two weeks ago and they are all doing great. I have to admit I was a little skeptic about ordering baby chicks on line and having them delivered through the mail from so far away,but they arrived in good shape and are all doing great.I look forward to ordering from you again. – Russell, North Carolina
  • The Runners I got from you last month are doing beautifully! They are so friendly and happy and follow me around like I am their mother.  Thanks again for offering us a refund and thanks also for offering to sell small quantities of your beautiful birds! – Melissa, Maine

Thanks so much everyone for help us in achieving our mission to make the process of browsing and buying poultry and poultry supplies online as easy as possible!

12 thoughts on “eFowl.com Reviews and Feedback

  1. Jane says:

    I see so many positive reviews, but I did not have a good experience. Working in the veterinary field, I was appalled when 24 of my 25 chicks arrived dead and the last died shortly after arrival. The customer service was very nice and reshipped them all for free. This time 11 of 26 arrived dead and 5 died within 12 hours. I do not think this is a humane way to get chicks and I cannot recommend ordering if you live outside the state their hatcheries are in. They only offer two day shipping and my order both times came on day 3

    • Alan Stone says:

      Hi Jane,

      I’m so sorry to hear that you had such a poor experience with eFowl this year. We had a lot of early season shipping difficulties with the hatchery your birds shipped from. We very rarely see multiple shipments with such high loss rates regardless of the hatchery or customer location. I hope that you were able to find some chicks with more success locally, and we hope that you’ll keep us in mind as we continue to add more hatchery locations and farms to our network for shipping and local pick up.

  2. Laura says:

    Firstly I’d like to say we’re never doing business with you again. Not only did it take several weeks longer than anticipated for the quail, but about 10 were already dead in the packaging as they did not provide food for them (when shipping takes 3 days, um, did you expect them to eat air??). This is only the second day in and another 20 have died. Hope you enjoyed our money. It’s the last you’ll ever see of it.

    • Alan Stone says:


      I’m sorry to hear that you’ve lost so many of your birds during shipment. Quail are a summer hatching bird, so they do not hatch during early spring like other breeds, and if our first few hatches are smaller than expected we often have to delay some orders.

      Also, all poultry can survive off of the yolk that they ingest during the hatching process for up to 5 days after hatch, which is what enables us to ship them as day old hatchlings. Overall, we experience about a 98% survival rate. Three days is a little longer than the average shipping time frame, but there are most likely other variables during the shipping process that could have led to the significant losses like postal mishandling or exposure to extreme temperature during the shipping process (also due to mishandling). Do you have them in an appropriate brooding environment with adequate heat temperatures and space for the number of birds you received?

      Lastly, we do have a Live Arrival Guarantee for all orders of live poultry. We guarantee live arrival and good health through the first 24 hours. We are more than happy to refund you for any losses that occurred during shipment or within that time frame. Please send us an email to [email protected] with details regarding your loss as well as your order number, and our customer service team will assist you with the DOA process.

      Thank you,

      Alan ~CSR~

  3. Jeff says:

    It’s been a pleasure to watch my chicks grow these 12 weeks, but sadly 5 of my 20 female pullets are crowing, mounting, and beginning to show spurs. I will be obliged to “remove” them as I am in the city.

    I realize the cost difference is small, but the loss of five layers from my business plan is a bit larger. As is my disappointment.

    Is this exceptional or pretty normal? 20% of female order is male.

    Jeff, Washington

  4. Kathryn Egan says:

    I received my shipment of an assortment of day old baby chicks last week. They are doing FANTASTIC!!!! They arrived healthy, happy and are doing great!!! EFowl is totally awesome!!! I will never buy poultry from anyone else. THANK YOU EFOWL!!!!!

  5. Rebecca Michael (Regina Klouda) says:

    I wanted to let e-fowl know the 28 baby Silky Banthams were beautiful. We have precious babies with various colors. The babies are now 1 month and 3 weeks old and we received everything e-fowl promised. The chicks were perfect. Thank you for the great service and beautiful babies. We now have 28 pet poodle chickens.
    Becca Michael
    El Paso Texas
    P.S. We had the whole Northeast Postal service involved when the babies shipped and the mail carrier was prompt in getting me the box of babies and checking their progress as they grew up in the house. :) Thank you e-fowl!!!!I am ordering again soon!

  6. John says:

    Got our baby chick’s and all 30 of them were live and full of energy. When we put them in their cage they started running and jumping everywhere. Efowl and postal service did a real good job on shipping. Will be ordering more. Thanks for the good job Efowl emplyoes.

  7. Sam from Georgia says:

    We received our chicks in good health and they are thriving in our brooder. I’m quite happy with the timeliness of their delivery and condition. They are all feathered now and ready for moving in to their new home. Thanks tons,


  8. Wes & Chris says:

    Then baby chicks have blessed us in many ways. We recieved them a day after a tornado outbreak in our area(May 22nd). A tornado went through our property the same day that the big one hit Joplin, Mo. We were still in shock due to the widespread tornado damage. After bringing them home from the post office we started to forget the horrible night before and started to clean up around the place and get them settled in. When I walked around our farm the tears would start to roll, then I would check on the babies and smile. My husband and his father built a gorgeous house for the girls. They love it. The eggs just keep coming. Our friends and family members are always coming over and checking on the girls(chickens). They are a big hit and I wanted to say THANK YOU.

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