Do Ducks Get Along With Other Pets?

Do ducks get along with other pets?  To put it briefly…not really.

do ducks get alongWhile there are countless people who do in fact keep a myriad of pets together, including ducks, the potential for catastrophe always remains and should be respected at all times.

Most dogs and cats, and many other wild animals, instinctively view ducks as a food source.  In most cases, we do not recommend that you have both dogs/cats and pet ducks unless you are prepared to take the utmost care to ensure their harmony.

Many breeds of domestic duck lack the ability to fly.  Thus, they do not have their primary defense mechanism available to them when they feel threatened.  Furthermore, most pet ducks you will raise have been bred to be farm fowl (meat ducks, egg layers, etc.).

Also, ducklings must be protected from other ducks in many instances, specifically from males.  If you’re breeding ducks, do not isolate ducklings from their mothers, but be vigilant around the older male ducks, including their father.

Here are a few pointers if you are ready to travel down the road of duck and dog/cat coexistance –

  • Always be vigilant around the animals.  A careful and active owner is the key to success in all aspects of pet duck ownership.
  • Never simply allow your dogs and ducks to roam freely together, as animal instincts can surface at anytime resulting in serious injury or death.
  • If you feel confident that you can directly introduce you duck to a cat or dog, hold the duck in your hands and be prepared to defend your animals and yourself at all times.
  • Keep ducklings in a cage or fully enclosed box which will prevent access to any would be predators.
  • Never assume your dog/cat and ducks are trained and conditioned to live in harmony, predatorial instincts may surface at any moment.

If anyone else has any tips to share on this topic, please do.  I am asked about ducks and other pets quite frequently, and I’m interested to hear what others are doing in regards to this endeavor.  Thanks!

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  1. Sheryl M says:

    My ducks and cats get along together. I have 8 adult ducks and 5 outdoor cats. They get along great. I have even had some baby chicks that had accidentally get out of their pen and my cats looked at them dumb founded but they never had hurt them. Now my neighbors dog has killed some of our chickens and we didn’t know until we noticed our flock was thinning down. They also got a couple of my ducks which I seen that for myself. I think though it depends on the breed of dog too. I had a rat terrier dog that weighed 10-12 pounds. She liked being around the chickens till a hen pecked her rump. After that she wouldn’t go around them. My ducks even like being around my chickens. They have their own house but they would rather be in with the chickens. They will go in the chicken house in the evening if you leave the chicken door open and they don’t peck at each other.

  2. my name is austin sadler and i have seven baby says:

    my name is austin sadler and i have 7 baby ducks and the intend to get messy alot

  3. Judy Hughes says:

    We have a set of 3 ducks that are older, and this year we got 3 ducklings again and now that the ducklings are grown up some (3 months) the older male really picks on one of the younger ducks. He seems to leave the other younger one alone (3rd one got killed by my in-laws housedog a Boston Terrier pup). Looks like he’s trying to mate with it, but does that mean the one he doesn’t bother is a male or is the older male showing dominance and the one he picks on is a male. I really don’t know it it’s a male or female that he is picking on. Do you have any advice or suggestions?

    Thanks, Judy

    • Xelfoge says:

      It is indeed possible for a dog to kill ducks. They’re hunters. I have blue swedish and a neighbor’s dog came and killed ours. I suggest a fence, to keep out the dogs. Make sure there’s no open areas in the pen/coop for racoons to sneak in, and if you have a pond, keep a eye on it. I’ve had snapping turtle problems with my ducks before as well. But my best suggestion is to keep a fence around your area, and make sure that nothing could get in/out with ease.

  4. Apollo says:

    My wife purchased two ducklings for her father who grew up on a farm, she said he always tried to bring chicken eggs back from his mothers farm but could never get them to hatch! My father in law keep the ducks for a couple of weeks but he never really seemed to want them so we have them now, i really didn’t want any more animals since we already got a 2 yr peekapoo named pepper but we have had them for almost a month now and honestly i’m starting to get attached to the little guys, i have a shed connected to garage that i just turned into a home for them with straw and everything, their is even a steel door on each side of the shed to keep predators out! Our peekapoo chased one of them in the bushes the other day, my wife said she let pepper out and pepper ran and chased them to the bushes, she is a smart dog she never tried to bite them, but she would just smell their feather and wine! I’m thinking about building a small pond for them but heard its better to build a big one if someone is going to do it.I would appreciate any tips on raising ducks and making sure the dog and ducks get along together!

  5. linda says:

    Hi, I have had muscovys for about 8-10 years. I truly love them. My ol girl about Daisy is very special. I have a male DJ he is such a personality. But he is pretty sexy boy. A couple of years ago i got 2 other females Just to give my Daisy a bit of a holiday. These are backyard ducks. Daisy has had many many chicks and no longer lays eggs but she was a wonderful mother. The other two females had eggs this year. Let me tell you how it went. First they had 2 nests, then combined them into one. All babies but 3 hatched. They were a grand litle family. Until all of a sudden the the mothers had one dandy of a fight. I spearate them into pens each with some babies for a day or so. Then put them all together again. Everything was fine. Until today They were at it again. The babies are about3 months old. I looked to see who the aggressor was and put her with dj. I have a very large shed stricly for my ducks. probaby 14 by 14 feet. Or larger. It is solid wood safe from any predators. complete with heat lamp and lights plus a window to open but can be securely locked at night. I have it sectioned off into very large pens and separate them at night. But the 2 females were with the babies, daisy is always alone and so is dj. My entire back yard is enclosed with a 6 foot cedar fence. Plenty of fresh water, good duck food, grass and my duck pool. I am a real fanatic about clean fresh water and keep a pretty clean area. I compost all used straw and bedding with also is a gread buig attractor. But to make a long story short. I have always had to find homes for the babiesbecause I can not keep too many of them But evertime I do they always end up dead. So I do not want to give these away. So what can I do to keep by birds from fighting Especially if there are more than one male. Or am I going to have to lose some more. I really love my ducks. The are my best pet and I have never lost one due to killing or other predators, bad food ect. But I simpl want to know the best ways to keep the peace. I do not want them hurting each other either. Any suggestions. Could you please reply. Thank you very much for your time., Or am I expecting too much. Linda

  6. Cher says:

    Never let it be said that large dogs, and cats should never be left alone with ducks. The type of (dog matters) that will protect them at all cost, and never try to hurt them.

    For 14 years my beloved best friend was a (Great Pyrenees) who just passed last week from old age. He was a gental giant as they are known for ,and could be trusted to be around an ifant,they are known for being gentel with cats,tiny dogs like my Chi Chi’s ,and my tiny poodle, and even the chickens. Any animal you give them to take care of they do so.

    As far as the ducks go his first duck was named Sailor Moon she lived with him out side. It was love at first sight sailor Moon followed him everywhere. When he guarded the property at night she was right under him, and I do mean right under his legs quacking all the way with his barking to ward off intruders. She slept with him where ever he slept forget the dog house she wanted to be right on his side or on top of him for warmth. Even the two chickens would do this at times also. She got old with him, and passed a few months ago before him. He was so upset he lost her he wouln’t eat for a week. They were two peas in a pod, very best friends.

    She left behind some eggs before she died, and I hatched the eggs in a bowl with long hours of work to do so. To carry on Sailor Moons life in this world we got #4 healty baby ducks two we gave to a wonderful family on a ranch who would never eat them , and two I kept just before Navajo passed. They turned out to be boy’s one is blind ,and that is why I kept two. The oldest ones name is moon lite, and the blind one is called New Moon, he is very tame.

    I have no problems with cats what so ever,we have owls around, and other such birds but so far everything is fine until I get another Puppy like my Navajo. The Pyrenees is a 3,000 year old breed very well known for taking down bear,cats you name it, Normaly they guard sheep. We use to have problems with Racoons when we first came here until Navajo got bit by one, and that was the end of the story no Racoon would ever step foot in this yard nor do possums or any cat that dose not belong to this family in my yard.

    If you give them a baby duck to take care of they will protect it just like they would do protecting you. They are most happy when they have someone or something to protect. Everyone loved my Great Pyreense ,and the ducks, and the rest of my pets all together at times in the yard. I once got the most wonderful pic anyone could ever have wanted every single pet was lined up side by side under a beautiful very old large crape mertal tree. And that included the ducks, and the chickens along with the dogs try doing that one it was like a dream come true. They did this on there own.

    When the time is right we will have another Pyrenees to protect us and our ducks, and chickens. And some day I hope to have some hair sheep (not wool sheep) these come from africa another story. Anyway this is one dog I know I can trust with my pet ducks Sailor Moon met him at 3 months old, and he was about 2-1/2 years old . Not one feather did he ever touch on her in is entire life.

  7. sarah limbert says:

    Belive it or not ducks can get along quit well with dogs, cats,or any other domestic animals you might have.I reccomend that if you plan on kepping them with your other household pets you should introduce them as DUCKLINGS.When they are introduced at such a young age your pets will not feel as threatened and will most likely not attack/harm the animal.But you should ALWAYS be in the room with all your animals to insure safe encounters.As the ducks grow they will be used to the other animals and will be more relaxed and calm which is both beniftial for the ducks and other animals.I recommend that you introduce the animals with short incounters and overtime make them more frequent to ensure safety.Follow these intructions and you and your ducks will live comfortly.

    • linda says:

      hi sarah I just finished posting this super long note to you and here I do not know where it actually was posted. Hopefully you can find it. It was about haveing my backyards ducks get along a little better. If you can not find the posted note let me know and I will explain it all again thanks Linda

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