Why Raise Waterfowl?

why raise waterfowl

Why would anyone choose to raise waterfowl? No, the real question is why wouldn’t anyone choose to raise waterfowl!
A countless many enjoy participating in this endeavor for a wide variety of reasons including

  • Pets – Waterfowl make great pets as one watches their growth, behaviors, and playful antics.
  • Shows – Raising waterfowl for shows and exhibitions is a highly engaging and competitive pursuit.
  • Farms – Waterfowl provide excellent farming assistance as they are avid controllers of insects and grass in their environments.
  • Food – Historically, waterfowl have been a prominent food source. People consume the meat and eggs, yielding exquisite dishes.

why raise waterfowlToday, the typical reason people have waterfowl is to keep as pets. They provide countless hours of enjoyment through observation and interaction. If one raises a duck or goose from its infancy, they can grow to become excellent companions.


Also, Showing ducks and geese at fairs and poultry exhibitions provide fulfillment for the farm hobbyist. These events serve as venues for breeders and hatcheries to showcase their unique flocks and network with other enthusiasts.

On a farm, waterfowl can provide many benefits to the crops and environment. For example, ducks and geese can serve to weed and remove harmful insects from grasses, crops, and gardens along with their avid foraging. Furthermore, many environmentally conscious farmers utilize waterfowl to accomplish this task as it is a natural and organic alternate method as opposed to herbicides and insecticides.

why raise waterfowl

Finally, waterfowl are a source of meat and other products which provide tremendous quality and functionality. Duck has always been a staple meat to many cultures. Furthermore, feathers offer soft and warm stuffing for pillows and coats. Even the fat can be used to make shortenings and hand cremes!

With such a wide range of uses, raising waterfowl can appeal to many tastes and functions. If you are interested in raising waterfowl, learn some breed-specific waterfowl information and order some ducklings to get started!

8 thoughts on “Why Raise Waterfowl?

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  2. momof2 says:

    Hi. My kids really want a pet duck. Can I just get one? How long do they live? I never really see them at pet stores. Where do I find them?
    Mom of 2

    • admin says:

      It depends on where you live. Sometimes you can find a local farm or hatchery that will allow you to come pick up some ducklings.

      Also, there are some sites where you can order them off the internet and have ducklings safely shipped to you. Also, most websites have a minimum order quantity. While it used to be around 10-15, its now much lower due to more effective shipping methods like insulated boxes.

      You may be able to order just one duckling, but I would recommend atleast two because they are very social creatures.

      One such site that I know some people have been happy with for ordering waterfowl is eFowl.com .

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