Tips for Raising Ducklings

10 Tips for Raising Ducklings

So you’ve decided to raise some young ducklings and you’re looking for some tips on keeping them as safe, healthy, and happy as possible?  We’ve consulted a few experts and compiled 10 Tips on Raising Ducklings for people with limited knowledge of these wonderful animals.

  1. First Drink: When you get your duckings or goslings dip their beaks in water.  Let them drink for 5 or 10 minutes then take the water away for a half hour or so.  This is so they don’t die from over drinking when they are too thirsty.  After you have controlled their drinking a few times, you may give them full access to water.
  2. Energy Boost: If they have had a hard trip and seem weak, a bit of sugar in the water will give them quick energy.

    tips for raising ducklings

    Some sugar after a long trip can give a duckling extra energy!

  3. Bedding: Do not use smooth paper for bedding as this may cause spraddled legs.  They need a rougher surface to get footing to stand.
  4. Feed: Use non-medicated feed. A commercial crumble is best to start them out on.
  5. Heated Space: If they huddle together under their heat source they are too cold, but if they are trying to get away or puffing they are too hot.  It is best to give them enough room to get away from the heat if they wish, but not so much room that they can’t find their way back to the warmth when wanted.
  6. Dry Conditions: Wet conditions are deadly to young ducks and geese.  If kept on a floor they should have dry bedding sprinkled 2 or 3 times a day.

    tips for raising ducklings

    Ducklings need a way to stay dry.

  7. Predators: They must be protected from predators.  Animals like rats, stray cats, coons, mink, dogs, etc., should be kept out of their pens.
  8. New Foods: When they get about three weeks old, grain such as cracked corn, oats, or wheat can be gradually added to their diets. Also, grit or a bit of fine gravel needs to be provided.
  9. Grazing: Goslings love grass and as soon as weather permits they should be allowed to graze.  Also, Ducklings are very good at catching insects and get a lot of protein this way.
  10. Weather Shelter: Until they are feathered out, they need some protection from long or severe rain showers.


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