Gifts For Chicken Fans

10 Amazing Gifts For Chicken Fans

Hen Plushie

Chicken plushie gift

Does your kid love chickens as much as you? Get them a plushie for them to hug as they hug your chickens!

Motion-Activated Predator Deterrent

Chicken predator deterrent

We’re absolutely loving these chicken predator deterrents. More effective than lights, humane and easy to install, these deterrents use infrared sensors to detect predators for up to 60 feet and deter them with a splash of water, watering your yard in the process!

Chicken socks

Giving away socks? Give socks with style with these funny chicken socks! Not only are they funky, they’re anti-bacterial, anti-odor and give you better blood circulation.

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A Personalized Chicken Bracelet

chicken bracelet gift

This beautiful bracelet is perfect for any chicken-loving woman! It has a pretty chicken charm and both a personalized birth Swarovsky crystal and a personalized initial charm. It even comes in a gift box!

Chicken Tutu

chicken tutu

Make your chickens extra-adorable with these tutus! These hand-made tutus fit well and are perfect to dress up your chickens in your family photo!

Chicken Treat Ball

Chick-n-veggie ball gift

Give your chickens a Christmas gift and get them this treat ball! We just wrote how perfect these are for the winter. They keep your chickens healthy and active and installing it is easy. The perfect way to thank your chickens for a year full of eggs!

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Chicken Poop Lip Balm

Chicken poop gag gift

You may buy it for a cheap gag gift but they’ll quickly ask you where they can get more! One of Amazon’s favorite lip balms, the chicken poop lip balm is made out of 100% natural ingredients (that aren’t poop)!

Vintage Egg Scale

Chicken egg scale for gift

We all love to measure and weight our eggs and this tells you exactly what type of egg you have! Perfect for your kitchen and great for selling your eggs at the farmer’s market, this is something any chicken fan will be using daily.

Antique Style Egg Basket

Chicken basket

This vintage beautiful egg basket will look great anywhere! With this resilient, easy-to-clean basket you’ll make sure your eggs are always close to a chicken, even if it’s one made out of wire!

Chicken Coop Ornament

Chicken coop ornament

Hang your coop from your tree with this beautiful ornament! Decorated with the traditional green and red, this chicken coop is a must have in any chicken loving family tree! Check out our favorite 7 chicken ornaments here.

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