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White Mandarin Duck Pairs



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White Mandarin Duck Pairs

White Mandarin Ducks are a variation of the unmistakable Mandarin Duck breed native to eastern Asia. These birds are native to many regions of Asia, but their wild population has dwindled because of their popularity and export around the world. The Mandarin drake rivals the North American native Wood Duck in its striking beauty and brilliantly patterned plumage. Besides aesthetic beauty White Mandarin Ducks share many other similarities to the Wood Duck; White Mandarins prefer to nest off the ground in tree cavities or in man made duck houses and enjoy wetland environments.

A few striking trademarks of the Mandarin Duck during it’s breeding plumage are the “sails” on the birds backside and the “whiskers” growing from the birds chin and cheek. These trademark characteristics and the birds calm and quite disposition have made the White Mandarin Duck an extremely popular bird to any waterfowl enthusiasts. Unlike the brilliantly colored Mandarin Duck, the White Mandarin Duck is colored mostly white with some light buff plumage around the forehead, neck and breast. The White Mandarin Duck is not a hybrid breed; it’s interesting coloration comes from a gene mutation that occurs naturally and can be fostered by selective breeding.

Mandarin Ducks are a medium sized bird that fly easily and should be pinioned or kept in a covered aviary if to be kept captivated. White Mandarins are easy to care for, eating nuts, acorns, and seeds during the fall months and feeding on insects and grubs during the spring and summer seasons. They do not typically associate with other ducks, but do enjoy the company of their own breed during the winter months.

We sell these birds as Juvenile Mandarin Duck Pairs. You can expect them to start laying eggs this season. Also, we provide all necessary Federal paperwork to legally own these birds.

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