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White Indian Runner Ducks

White Indian Runner Ducks



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White Indian Runner Ducks

One of the more prominent yet rare members of the Indian Runner duck family are the White Indian Runner ducks. The White Indian Runner’s upright horizontal carriage brings a unique and entertaining addition to the backyard, farm, or garden.

Like other Runner duck breeds, White Indian Runner are superb foragers and pest controllers. Chinese rice farmers used runners to rid their crops of slugs, insects, and other pests detrimental to the crops. They offer an eco-friendly and economical alternative to pesticides.

Also similar to other Runner duck breeds, White Runner Ducks are easily excitable and can be a sometimes frenzied handful when they are in larger flocks. This provides for a sensitive, entertaining, and active pet.

The White Indian Runner is also a competitive egg laying breed, yielding between 100 and 300 eggs per year. Though the White Runner is not a popular consumption duck, as their small stature yields small quantities of meat, some individual prefer to eat Runner ducks as they have a taste more similar to wild ducks than more meat producing ducks like the Rouen duck.

An ideal White Indian Runner for exhibitions should not be too large, having strong legs and a smooth stride. The useful qualities and amusing demeanor of this breed make the White Runner duckling a necessary addition to any flock.

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