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White Chinese Goose



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White Chinese Geese

The Chinese Goose is one of the smallest, yet one of the most practical domesticated goose breeds. The breed has also been known as Swan Geese because of their gracefully curved neck and elegant stature.

The White Chinese Goose an extremely versatile breed; they will lay up 100 white eggs, yielding more than any other domesticated geese. This breed is easily sexed upon maturity and can be differentiated because of the varying sizes of the knob atop the goose’s orange beak, the male’s always being noticeable larger.

Along with a long, slender beak, Chinese Geese have short, compact bodies with broad, smoothly rounded chests. The White Chinese variety have pure white plumage with orange beaks and feet. The beaks are topped with the large orange know typical to all varieties of Chinese Geese.

Because Chinese Geese are small and such good foragers, they are easier to tend to and require much less food than a less active breed. This elegant, swan like bird can be raised for meat along with its other many useful qualities and is an excellent addition to any practical goose owner’s flock.

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