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White Call Ducks



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White Call Ducks

White Call Ducks are highly sought after and are only bred in a handful of location within the United States. Their smaller size makes them a cute, popular, and exotic pet. You can view all of the colorations we offer here.

White Calls are a unique breed of duck with a very boisterous function. Originally, call ducks helped as a hunting tool as their booming voice was optimal for calling in other ducks. Also, they are smaller in size, allowing for easy portability as hunters would take them into the field. Thus, White Call Ducks would serve as portable decoys, bringing wild ducks into hunter’s traps or gun range.

The first records of the ingenious breeding and use of White Call Ducks come from the Netherlands. However, experts dispute about their place of origin. Many believe they originated in the Far East.

White Calls are very energetic and active, making them delightful pets though they can be quite gregarious at times. Their function as hunting tools is less typical today, as they are used primarily for decoration and enjoyment.

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