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Welsummer Chickens



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Welsummer Chicken

Welsummer Chickens originated in Holland in the 1900s. Being part of the infamous class of Dark Brown Egg Laying Chickens, the Welsummer comes from a cross between multiple breeds including Cochins, Wyandottes, Leghorns, Barnevelders and Rhode Island Reds. They were first shown in 1921 but no admitted to the Standard until 1991!

Welsummers are a heavy bird that is mainly used for egg laying but their size renders them useful as a dual-purpose bird. They are hardy and have a beautifully heavy and silky plumage. The male has a rich golden brown head, neck, and saddle feathers. Females have a golden brown head and golden brown hackle feathers. Both males and females have straight single combs with 5 points.

These chickens are relatively quick to mature. What makes them so special is their ability to lay dark chocolate colored eggs even deep into the cold and dark months. They are not known to really go broody.

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