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Mandarin Ducks (Pair)


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Mandarin Ducks

Mandarin Ducks are an unmistakable breed native to eastern Asia. The Mandarin drake rivals the North American native Wood Duck in its striking beauty and brilliantly colored plumage. Besides aesthetic beauty Mandarin Ducks share many other similarities to the Wood Duck; Mandarins prefer to nest off the ground in tree cavities or in man made duck houses and enjoy wetland environments.

Mandarin Ducks also exhibit an “Eclipse Plumage” during non-breeding months where they resemble the less flamboyant female Mandarin, but they can be differentiated by their red beaks. A few striking trademarks of the Mandarin Duck during it’s breeding plumage are the rich brown colored “sails” on the birds backside and the brown “whiskers” with cream colored streaks growing from the birds chin and cheek.

Mandarin Ducks are a medium sized bird that fly easily. Thus, they should be pinioned (or clipped) or kept in a covered aviary. Mandarins are easy to care for, eating nuts, acorns, and seeds during the fall months. They will also feed on insects and grubs during the spring and summer seasons. While they will forage if allowed, we recommend a game bird or high quality waterfowl feed. They do not typically associate with other ducks, but do enjoy the company of their own breed during the winter months.

The Mandarin Duck is an excellent duck to help stock an ornamental pond. Please note that these Mandarin Ducks will be delivered as juvenile pairs. This is a domesticated breed, but it is recommended to only purchase a Mandarin if you have either an adequate environment to house the birds or spacious land for them to nest and roam.

You can expect them to start laying eggs in the coming Spring or Summer.

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