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Mallard Duck Hatching Eggs



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Mallard Duck Hatching Eggs

When you purchase the Mallard Duck Hatching Eggs, you have an opportunity to hatch and raise arguably the most widely recognized of all waterfowl species. Males especially exhibit rich and deep colors and plumage and make them very popular. Wild Mallards are common in almost all parts of North America, making them very popular as pets for a wide variety of waterfowl enthusiasts.

The Mallard Duck is thought to be one of the first wild duck breeds to be raised in captivity by some early Asian and Roman cultures. It is thought that the Mallard duck is the breed from which all other domesticated duck breeds originated. This includes the Pekin, Rouen, Cayuga, and Swedish Ducks. This information is evident by the fact that all domestic duck breeds exhibit the “drake feather” to differentiate males from females. The Wild Mallard is the only known wild duck breed to have this characteristic.

If you have a successful hatch of Mallard Duck Eggs, your baby Mallards will grow into a beautiful, yet small bird that can fly handily. It’s best to handle this bird often as a duckling so that it acclimates to it’s owners and it’s surroundings. This will help your bird realize where its home and food source are and hopefully keep the bird from flying away permanently if you prefer not to clip the wings. If you prefer a larger bird that is similar to the Mallard but lacks the flying ability, we recommend the Rouen Duck.

These Domesticated Mallards and Mallard Duck Hatching Eggs are used for a variety of purposes. People own them as pets, hunting game, exotic meat products, and showing ducks. Like most waterfowl, it’s best to acquire Mallards when they are very young. This helps them develop an inherent comfort around humans.

Hatching Duck Egg Info

To ensure your own Mallard duck hatching eggs hatch, an incubator is required. These are available at a wide range of websites and also at local farm supply stores. To hatch fertile duck eggs, it is of primary importance that you follow the specific instructions that come with the incubator you are using. We can provide basic instruction for hatching duck eggs. But It is best to use the instructions for hatching ducks that will come with the incubator you have purchased.

Fertile Duck Eggs can be safely transported for about 10 days before they will no longer be hatchable. We guarantee fertility in at least 80% of the hatching duck eggs that we ship for your order. We highly recommend you candle the duck eggs in the first few weeks of incubation to check for fertility. Though we cannot guarantee that any or all of the fertile duck eggs will actually hatch, we will give you a refund for any hatching eggs that appear infertile if it is more than 20% of the total eggs received. It is imperative that you report the infertile hatching eggs within the first few weeks in order for us to process any refund.

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