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Khaki Campbell Duck Hatching Eggs



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Khaki Campbell Duck Hatching Eggs

The Khaki Campbell duck is a medium brown breed that makes a wonderful farm duck. They are very hardy and avid foragers, and prolific egg-layers. If you are looking for a duck that will produce plenty of fresh duck eggs for human consumption, this is the bird for you. Khaki Campbell females are quite popular, outselling males by a large margin. Please note that if you purchase Straight Run Khaki Campbells, we will send you truly straight run birds. We will not first pick out all of the females for other orders. This courtesy makes us an extremely popular and cost effective resource to obtain these birds for egg production. With our Khaki Campbell Duck Hatching eggs, you can hatch your very own Khaki Campbells at home.

Khaki Campbell hens are capable of producing eggs most of the year, as long as the basic conditions of their environment are right. The egg production of the Khaki Campbell can even exceed that of domestic chickens. On average, the birds is capable of laying 300 eggs per year, potentially yielding many Khaki Campbell ducklings.

Khaki Campbell ducks are very active with their streamlined build. They have a sturdy and upright posture, as part of their breeding origin is from the Indian Runner Duck.

Khaki Campbell Duck Hatching Duck Egg Info

To ensure your own duck eggs hatch, an incubator is required. These are available at a wide range of websites and also at local farm supply stores. To hatch fertile duck eggs, it is of primary importance that you follow the specific instructions that come with the incubator you are using. We can provide basic instruction for Khaki Campbell Duck hatching eggs. But it is best to use the instructions for hatching ducks that will come with the incubator you have purchased.

Khaki Campbell Duck Hatching Eggs can be safely transported for about 10 days before they will no longer hatchable. We guarantee fertility in at least 80% of the hatching duck eggs that we ship for your order, and we recommend you candle the duck eggs in the first few weeks of incubation to check for fertility. We cannot guarantee that any or all of the fertile duck eggs will actually hatch. But we will give you a refund for any hatching eggs that appear infertile if it is more than 20% of the total eggs received. It is imperative that you report the infertile hatching eggs within the first few weeks in order for us to process any refund.

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