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Emery Penciled Indian Runner Ducks

Emery Penciled Indian Runner Ducks



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Emery Penciled Indian Runner Ducks

The Emery Penciled Indian Runner ducks area variety of Indian Runner Ducks. This breed is similar to the Penciled Indian Runner. The Emery Penciled is a smaller breed of duck, and stands tall and upright with a long straight neck and flat head. Emory Penciled Runners ducks have somewhat of a wine bottle shape.

The Emery Penciled runners are unique. Their rich brown penciled plumage is quite striking and will stand out in flocks of runners. Emery Penciled Runner ducklings are a bit hard to find as they are not common amongst breeders. We are one of the few websites which carry them.

Emery Penciled Runner ducks are primarily egg layers, and they are known to even outlay chickens. They can yield 200-300 eggs a year, but since runner ducks are smaller in frame, they are not commonly bred for meat. Their hatching season is in the spring, and limited quantities are available.

Like other Indian Runner ducks, Emery Penciled Indian Runner ducks have a very active and even somewhat frantic disposition. They can be easily excited, and sometimes the flock mentality of Runner ducklings can work the birds into a frenzy.

Generally, breeders will select Emery Penciled Runner ducks with a less substantial profile. However, the finest birds will carry themselves with an almost horizontal back and neck. Their strong legs and running stride make them a desired show bird. Their superb foraging abilities also establish this breed as an excellent pest controller.

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