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Elliot Pheasants

The Elliot Pheasant, also known as the Bar Backed Pheasant, is a large pheasant but not as long as the Golden Pheasant. These birds will grow to around 80 cm long, and they are a beautiful chestnut brown and white pheasant breed. Like many other Pheasant breeds, the Elliot Pheasant is native to China and lives in areas of thick evergreens in mountainous regions. The Elliot Pheasant is named for the American Ornithologist named Daniel Giraud Elliot.

In its natural habitat, the Elliot Pheasant is considered a vulnerable species due to a limited range, consistent habitat loss, and over hunting for food. They are primarily herbivorous, usually eating seeds, berries, and leaves. The males will obtain their beautiful adult plumage within the first year, but they will not be fertile until their second year. Elliot Pheasants are polygamous and the male can be kept with up to 3 females.

It is helpful to keep these birds in a spacious and well covered aviary with plenty of vegetation. Small trees and bushes are helpful for cover. The Elliot Pheasant can be sexed after about two weeks of age – the males will have barred tails and the females will have dull central tail feathers.

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